Fall faculty news- September '14

Publication Date


Congratulations to the faculty members who were promoted as of Sept. 1:

Promotion to full professor:

Bradford Bruno, Mechanical Engineering; Barbara Danowski, Biology; Tomas Dvorak, Economics; William Keat, Mechanical Engineering; Robert Lauzon, Biology; Stephen Leavitt(effective 9/12), Anthropology.

Promotion to associate professor with tenure:

Claire Bracken, English; Joshua Hart, Psychology; Bunkong Tuon, English

Promotion to senior lecturer:

Brian Cohen, Biology

Minerva Faculty Representatives for 2014-15:

This year’s Minerva Faculty Representatives are as follows:

Beuth House: Ellen Foster

Breazzano House: Kristin Bidoshi

Golub House: Hans Mueller

Green House: Linda Cool

Messa House: Gail Golderman

Sorum House: Laura Persico (fall) and Jennifer Matsue (winter and spring)

Wold House: Peter Bedford

Department Chair and Program Director appointments:

This year we welcome the following chairs and directors who are starting new appointments:

Zoe Oxley, American Studies (thanks to Lorraine Cox for her term of service)

Karen Brison, Anthropology (thanks to Linda Cool for her term of service)

Junko Ueno, Asian Studies (thanks to Jennifer Matsue for her term of service)

Helen Hanson, Bioengineering (co-chair with Scott Kirkton; thanks to Shane Cotter for his term of service as co-chair)

Rob Lauzon, Biology (thanks to Leo Fleischman for his service last year)

Kristin Fox, Chemistry (thanks to Mike Hagerman for his term of service)

Tomas Dvorak, Economics (thanks to Younghwan Song for his a term of service)

Mark Walker, History (thanks to Joyce Madancy, who filled in for two terms last year)

Kathryn Lesh, Mathematics (thanks to Alan Taylor for his many years of service and to Paul Friedman, Julius Barbanel, and Karl Zimmermann for their service in the spring)

Ann Anderson, Mechanical Engineering (thanks to Brad Bruno for his term of service)

David Ogawa, Visual Arts (thanks to Chris Duncan, who filled in last year)

Faculty Director Appointments:

The following is a summer of the part-time academic director appointments held by faculty members:

Director of Advising, Brian Cohen (expiring 8/31/15)

Director of Assessment, Stephen Schmidt (expiring 8/31/16)

Director of Engineering, Shane Cotter (expiring 8/31/2016)

Director of Faculty Development, Lorraine Cox (expiring 8/31/17)

Director of General Education, John Cramsie (expiring 8/31/2017)

Director of Interdisciplinary Programs, Jennifer Matsue (expiring 8/31/16)

Director of Undergraduate Research, Rebecca Cortez (expiring 8/31/17)