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Tim Olsen, associate professor of music, will present a piano recital at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Tuesday as part of the "Music at Noon" series. The performance will include works by Dave Brubeck and Cuban composer Ignacio Cervantes, as well as several original jazz and classical pieces. Olsen also released a new CD, “Creature of Habit,” under the Planet Arts label. The album was recorded in Emerson Auditorium and features nine of Olsen's jazz compositions performed by a six-piece band. In conjunction with this release, the Tim Olsen Band will appear at the Taylor Time! concert series at 5 p.m., Monday, Feb. 23. The group will perform music from the CD and discuss the creative process. The album will be available beginning Jan. 17 on iTunes, on and at the bookstore.

Bunkong Tuon, associate professor of English, gave a reading at the Schenectady County Public Library. His poetry is featured in the winter issue of Misfit Magazine, and he is also nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize.

Cay Anderson-Hanley, associate professor of psychology, gave a talk at Oklahoma State University. Her talk was titled “Move and Use it or Lose it? Does Physical or Mental Exercise Impact Dementia?”

A manuscript co-authored by David Gillikin, assistant professor of geology, and Dane O’Neil ’14 was published in Scientific Reports. The piece was titled “Do freshwater mussel shells record road salt pollution?”

Lewis Davis, associate professor of economics, gave a talk, “Culture and the Regulation of Entry,” at Washington and Lee University. He presented evidence that culture plays a large role in determining the manner in which countries regulate the entry of new firms.

Valerie Barr, professor of computer science, spoke at Brown University’s inaugural Brown Computer Science Diversity Series. Her talk was titled, “The Toy Aisle Still Matters: The State of Women in Computing.” She also met with students and faculty while visiting the institution.