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Jillmarie Murphy, assistant professor of English, was awarded a 2015 Thoreau Society Research Fellowship. The award will help support Murphy's research on her book project, Waves of Futurity, Monstrous Attachment: American Literary Representations of Affect, Place, and Otherness (1797-1901). She was also invited to present her research at the annual Thoreau Society Gathering, in Concord, Mass.

Robert Hislope, associate professor of political science, presented his research at the New York African Studies Association meeting held at Union. He also delivered a lecture (via Skype) to a hip hop honors class taught by Union alum Don Harrell ’75 at the University of Central Florida.

Zoe Oxley, professor of political science, gave a talk at the College of Wooster. She spoke on “Family Politics: Gendered Patterns in the Transmission of Party Identification” and guest lectured in two classes on the topics of issue framing and gender and elections.

Jennifer Matsue, associate professor of music, was a featured speaker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her talk, “The Ideal Idol: Making Music with Hatsune Miku,” discussed the anime-style character created with voice-synthesizing software.

Lori Marso, professor of political science, spoke at “Hannah Arendt: A Symposium” at the Center for Philosophy, Art and Literature at Duke University. The event is part of the Center’s Intellectual Women Series.

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