Senior art show on exhibit in Burns Art Atrium

Publication Date

The Department of Visual Arts is exhibiting the works of three seniors at the Burns Art Atrium Gallery in the Visual Arts Building.

Caroline Brustowicz’s “A 3D Modeling Perspective: The Juxtaposition between Nature and Technology,” is an instillation consisting of a number of 3D printed models with LEDs produced by the artist. These sculptures are designed to “embody the complex and ubiquitous contrast and coexistence between these two entities.”

John Famulare’s “Union’s Faces” is a series of close-up portraits intended to capture students’ “essence and mood” and “further the viewers’ visualization of both the inward and outward state of the student.”

Edward Iverson’s “Antonymous” Forms project depicts three animals – a bull, a tiger, and a horse – along with a human heart, made during painting classes. His work, transcribed from his own drawings in pen, places each of the subjects in different backgrounds. “The balance between Iverson’s settings and subjects challenge the viewer’s notions about compositional relationships,” he says.

The exhibit will be on view through June 14.