Reappointment review committees formed (2016)

Publication Date

Reappointment review committees have been formed for the following assistant professors:

  • Cigdem Cidam, Political Science
  • Andrew Huisman, Chemistry
  • Jeffrey Jauregui, Mathematics
  • Timothy Stablein, Sociology
  • Jenelle Troxell, English

Students, faculty, and alumni are invited to offer written or oral testimony to committee members. Committees (with chairs listed first) are:

Cidam: Michele Angrist (; Clifford Brown and Guillermina Seri, Political Science

Huisman: James Adrian (; Janet Anderson, Mary Carroll and Laura MacManus-Spencer, Chemistry

Jauregui: Alan Taylor (; Leila Khatami and Christina Tonnesen-Friedman, Mathematics

Stablein: David Cotter (; Deidre Hill Butler and Ilene Kaplan, Sociology

Troxell: Kara Doyle (; Brenda Wineapple, Jordan Smith, Hugh Jenkins, Peter Heinegg, Claire Bracken and BK Tuon, English