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Hans-Friedrich Mueller, professor of classics, presented the Annual Classics Lecture at the University of South Carolina on “Nox Intempesta: Religious and Legal Oddities of Life at Night in Ancient Rome.”

Stacie Raucci, associate professor of classics, presented a paper, “Upstairs/Downstairs: The Comedy of Social Class in Plebs (2013) and Peplum (2015),” on the presidential panel of the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. At the meeting, she also received the Outstanding CAMWS Regional Vice President Award for her work with the region.

Jennifer Matsue, associate professor of music, was appointed incoming editor of the Society of Ethnomusicology’s SEM Newsletter. She will have a three-year term as editor beginning in January.

Hilary Tann, the John Howard Payne Professor of Music, was named an Albany Ambassador by the Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau for her efforts in bringing the Haiku North America 2015 Conference to the region last fall. She was honored recently with more than a dozen other ambassadors at the bureau’s annual Hospitality Excellence event. The honorees are singled out for promoting Albany as a destination for meetings and supporting the local tourism industry. Tann, an accomplished composer of haiku, organized the haiku conference, which drew more than 200 poets and aficionados from around the world to presentations and workshops at Union and at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.

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