Two students awarded Fulbright Fellowships

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Two seniors have been awarded Fulbright Fellowships to study abroad.

Aude Bechu ’16 and Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim ’16 will conduct research in Europe, working with scientists abroad to a gain a deeper understanding of their research topics.

Last year, four students were awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grants.

The last Fulbright Fellowship winner was Vaishali Parkash ’14, who is currently getting her doctoral degree in astronomy at Monash University.

Learn more about this year’s honorees:

Aude Bechu Fulbright

Name: Aude Bechu

Hometown: North Salem, N. Y.

Major: Chemistry and Environmental Science

Minor: French

Activities/Clubs: Rugby and Chemistry Club

How does the Fulbright tie into your Union education?

The interdisciplinary lab that I’m applying to work with embodies an approach that Union’s liberal arts degree has prepared me for. I’ll be looking at the production of a widely-used chemical from all angles – environmental, health, economic and (of course) biochemical. My chemistry and environmental science majors are connected to the breadth and depth of knowledge I will need to approach this dynamic opportunity.

What are some courses/experiences here at Union that helped prepare you for it?

My work in aerogel research and with a local company has introduced me to the design of chemicals and how that design is scaled up. Environmental classes have introduced me to the complexity of addressing developing industry – and stressed that smart design alleviates potential issues before they begin.

What do you hope to get from the experience?

I hope to gain experience in more comprehensive environmental research, and increase connections and familiarize myself with the collaboration between industries to academia’s research. Having wanted to explore Switzerland my entire life, I hope to travel the country on my weekends off. I’m also looking forward to meeting Swiss people and participating in the local culture, visiting markets, and tasting chocolate!

Theo DiPauli Fulbright

Name: Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim ‘16

Hometown: Bolzano, Italy

Major: Bioengineering

Activities/Clubs: Men’s ice hockey, vice president of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society

How does the Fulbright tie into your Union education?

While at Union, I have become fascinated with biomedical research. Many of the orthopedic publications that I have read while at Union have hailed from research groups in Germany. It was my goal to pursue and ultimately research at these institutions.

What are some courses/experiences here at Union that helped you prepare?

The bioengineering curriculum is geared toward many research/industrial possibilities. Classes such as biomechanics, tissue engineering/polymer science and orthopedics have primed me for the research after graduating. No matter what your area of study is at Union, there will be a perfect opportunity to pursue your passion after graduating with the Fulbright.

What do you hope to get from the experience?

I am interested in specializing in neurology or neurosurgery after medical school. The laboratory in Germany specializes in spine biomechanics research, which presents a logical and optimal first step toward my ultimate goal. The Fulbright is one academic year, which allows for an ideal ‘gap’ year before entering medical school.