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Luke Dosiek, the John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, presented two papers at the IEEE Power and Energy Society North American Power Symposium in Denver. They were titled “Variances in Estimates of Power System Inter-area Modes using Lattice Structure - Initial Results” and “A Framework for Assessing Methods of Deriving Frequency Data from PMU Voltage Angles in the Presence of Measurement Noise.”

Irlando Goncalves ’18 met writer Wes Moore after his recent talk at Schenectady County Community College. Work by Moore, a New York Times bestselling author, includes “The Other Wes Moore” and “The Way Home.”

“Intersectional Mothering: A Black Baptist Example,” an article by Deidre Hill Butler, associate professor of sociology and director of Africana Studies, was published in the edited volume, Angels on Earth: Mothering, Religion and Spirituality, by Demeter Press.

Michael Vineyard, the Frank and Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Physics, presented a paper at the Interfaces Against Pollution conference in Lleida, Spain. “Undergraduate Research and Training in Ion-Beam Analysis of Environmental Materials” was co-authored by Scott LaBrake, senior lecturer, Heather Watson, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, Sajju Chalise '19, Morgan Clark '17, Andrew McCalmont '16, Brendan McGuire '18, Iseinie Mendez '17and Joshua Yoskowitz '16.

Pattie Wareh, associate professor of English, delivered a paper, “Social and Theatrical Performance in Love's Labour's Lost," at the British Shakespeare Association meeting at the University of Hull.

Works by Chris Duncan, the May I. Baker Professor of Visual Arts, and Charles Steckler, the Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Theater and Scenic Designer in Residence, are on view at the 30th Anniversary Invitational of the Saratoga Arts Gallery, Saratoga Springs. The exhibition, which continues through Oct. 29, features 30 selected artists who have shown at the gallery in the past three decades.

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