Latest volume of Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies focuses on geology

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New York Times

The geology of the Adirondacks is the focus of the latest volume of the Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies.

Published by The Adirondack Research Consortium and Union’s Kelly Adirondack Center, the journal includes articles on the history of geological studies, mining, fracture and fault systems and soils, among other topics.

“Volume 21 is a snapshot in time of the ageless geology of the Adirondacks,” said Caleb Northrop, executive editor of the journal and special assistant to the President's Office and Kelly Adirondack Center.

“The papers summarize historical and current work, calling upon the accumulated studies of many excellent geoscientists who have worked in the Adirondacks over two centuries.”

Geologists Bruce Selleck of Colgate University and Jeff Chiarenzelli of St. Lawrence University served as associate editors for this volume.

The journal was published bi-annually by the consortium from 1994 to 2011, when it dropped to once a year, with a heavier presence on the web. Lacking the staff and the financial resources to publish a scientific journal, the consortium has partnered with the Kelly Adirondack Center to publish future volumes. Volume 20 was the first joint effort earlier this year.

A free copy of Volume 21 is available by becoming an “AJES Member” of the Adirondack Research Consortium and the Kelly Adirondack Center. In addition to supporting the ongoing publication of AJES, members will receive updates on future volumes of the journal.

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The Adirondack Research Consortium is a not-for-profit organization based on the Paul Smith’s College campus. Its mission is to find ways to share research and information to better inform those making policy decisions impacting the Adirondacks.

Located three miles from Union in Niskayuna, the Kelly Adirondack Center includes the former home of noted Adirondack conservationist Paul Schaefer (1908-1996) and the Adirondack Research Library. The library boasts a unique collection of material on the Adirondack Park and the New York State Forest Preserve, including rare books, maps, photographs, documents and the personal papers of some of the region's foremost conservationists.

Union acquired the center in 2011 from a private conservation group.