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Jeff Corbin, associate professor of biology, Anna Doran ‘17 and Ashley Rosa ‘ 17 attended the conference of the New England chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration in Durham, N.H. Corbin gave a talk, “Assessing feasibility in invasive plant management: A retrospective analysis of garlic mustard control,” co-authored by Matt Wolford '16 and two others. Doran and Rosa co-presented a poster describing their summer and senior thesis research, “Restoring pine barren vegetation at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.”

Rudy Nydegger, professor emeritus, presented a paper at the International Business Research Conference in Las Vegas with his daughter, Colby Nydegger Enides, a graduate student at the University at Albany. The paper, which won Best Presentation Award for the Management section, was titled “The Psychology of Work: Changes in the 21st Century.”

Kimmo Rosenthal, professor of mathematics, had a poem, Sorrentino's Shadow, accepted for publication in The Fib Review. A "fib" is a work of writing that in some way follows the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. This poem is an encomium to the American author Gilbert Sorrentino.

Seth Greenberg, emeritus professor of psychology, will make a presentation at the New York City Public Library, Dec. 28 at 6:30 p.m. He will be part of a panel discussion on the new book “Reading Genesis, Beginnings,” edited by Beth Kissileff. The book is a compilation of chapters written by various academics, who evaluate the Genesis narrative from their individual perspectives. Among the contributors are Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Westheimer, Alicia Suskin Ostriker and Dara Horn. Greenberg's chapter discusses failed face recognition as a Biblical theme in the Jacob story.

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