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Jeff Corbin, associate professor of biology, Matthew Wolford '16 and two scientists with The Nature Conservancy published a paper in Restoration Ecology that used a population of garlic mustard in the Adirondack Park to test the feasibility of eradicating invasive species. Though the eradication effort was not successful, their paper demonstrated tools that habitat managers in other systems can use to assess the feasibility of weed control projects before they begin. The authors argue that such tools could improve invasive species control by focusing attention on cases where success is likely rather than those that are doomed to fail. The paper can be viewed here.

Paintings by Laini Nemett, assistant professor of visual arts, are on view in “Interiors” at the Gold Coast Art Center, Great Neck, N.Y., through Nov. 20. The exhibition, which includes works by two photographers, explores how the artists’ relationship with familiar places connects to interior landscapes of personal history, memory and association.

Ellen Borkowski, chief information officer, was quoted in a piece on EducationDive. “Legacy upended: Higher ed CIOs look to modernize campus systems” discusses the implementation of new technologies on college campuses. Read the piece here.

George Shaw, professor emeritus of geology, presented a paper co-authored with Roger Hoerl, the Donald C. Brate ’45-Stanley G. Peschel ’52 Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. The paper is titled, “A calculation of the probability of assembling the first protocell: Implications for early Earth's surface chemistry and possible catastrophic disruptions of early life on Earth.” Shaw also led a walk through Wolf Hollow for a Steward’s Circle Event for the Mohawk-Hudson Land Conservancy.

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