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Carol Weisse, professor of psychology and director of the Health Professions program, presented at grand rounds at Ellis Hospital. Her talk, “Trends and Local Innovations in End of Life Care,” was given with Dr. George Giokas, regional medical director and palliative care director at the Community Hospice of Schenectady.

Valerie Barr, professor of computer science, gave two talks at Queens College in Flushing, N.Y. on Jan. 13. The first talk, “Diversity in Tech: Present and Future,” was primarily for students participating in the New York City Tech Talent Pipeline Program. The second talk, “Changing CS Demographics Through Curriculum,” was for faculty and was followed by a lengthy roundtable discussion.

A new album of choral compositions by Hilary Tann, the John Howard Payne Professor of Music, has been released by Parma Recordings. “Exultet Terra” is named after the five-movement piece for double chorus and double reed woodwind quintet. It was written when Tann was composer-in-residence at the Eastman School of Music in 2011. Other works include “Contemplations,” with words by America's first female poet, Anne Bradstreet, and THE MOOR, to words by contemporary Welsh poet, R.S. Thomas. Amelia LeClaire conducts the choral group, Cappella Clausura, featured on the album. Learn more and listen here.

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