People in the news - January 17, 2018

Lewis Davis, professor of economics, co-authored an article, "Culture and the Regulation of Entry," in the Journal of Comparative Economics. The paper, available here, argues that individualism plays a key role in explaining the degree to which countries regulate the formation of new firms.

Andrew Morris, associate professor of history, reviewed Douglas Brinkley’s new book, “Rightful Heritage: Franklin Roosevelt and the Land of America,” at a recent event at the Schenectady County Public Library.

Megan Ferry, associate professor of Chinese and Asian Studies and chair of the Modern Languages Department, was elected to the executive committee to the Association of Departments of Foreign Language for a three-year term. The national organization informs institutions about issues confronting the field and developing policies and best practices.

Several letters to the editor to Mechanical Engineering were in praise of an article by Frank Wicks, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering. The piece, “Pipelines for War and Peace,” describes the crucial role of U.S. oil in winning World War II. German submarines off the coast were destroying oil tankers and this wartime emergency was solved by construction of oil and gas pipelines from Texas to the Northeast.

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