Publication Date


Yesenia Castelan '18

  Project: Clinical Immersion Developments with the Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center

  Adviser: Jennifer Currey 

Matthew Drum '18

  Project: AMC Clinical Immersion Program

  Adviser: Sudhir Khetan

Sonja Hansson '18

  Project: AMC Clinical Immersion Program

  Adviser: Sudhir Khetan

Luke McCaffrey '18

  Project: Bioengineering Clinical Immersion Program

  Adviser: Jennifer Currey

Emma Will '18

  Project: Biomechanical Comparison of Clavicle Fixation Constructs

  Adviser: Jennifer Currey


Jacob Alexander '18

  Project: Gene Expression of Early Skate Embryo: Possible implications for observed morphological inconsistencies

  Adviser: Nicole Theodosiou Napier

Claude-Luvier Bonnet '18

  Project: Glucocorticoid Polymorphisms Relation to Obesity and Bariatric Patients

  Adviser: Brian Cohen

Kiprian Gernat '18

  Project: Establishing Stable Isotope Signatures for Tick Hosts

  Adviser: Katheen LoGiudice

Jessica Gilbert '18

  Project: The Effects on Seed Germination by Biological Soil Crusts in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

  Adviser: Jeffery Corbin

Claire Kelly '18

  Project: Impact of Mineralocorticoid Receptor Polymorphism Cortisol Sensitivity on HPA Axis Functionality and Psychiatric Disorders

  Adviser: Brian Cohen

Alyssa Klein '18

  Project: The Evolutionary Changes and Development of the Spiral Intestine

  Adviser: Nicole Theodosiou Napier

Caroline Roberto '18

  Project: Identifying Backward Facing Cells in a Dragonfly

  Adviser: Robert Olberg

Jacqueline Sharry '18

  Project: Effects of Nitrogen Fixing Invasive Species on Soil Carbon in the Albany Pine Bush and Its Implications for Global Climate Change

  Adviser: Jeffery Corbin

Megan Wells '18

  Project: The Effects of Mutations in the Caveolin Interaction Motif on Glycosylation of the hFSHR

  Adviser: Brian Cohen

Samantha Williams '18

  Project: Analysis of Soil Composition at the Albany Pine Bush

  Adviser: Jeffery Corbin

Nicholas Garcia '19

  Project: Processing Data From Flight-Steering Neurons in Dragonflies

  Adviser: Robert Olberg

Lisa Gu '19

  Project: Synthesis and Characterization of Quantum Dot Molecular Beacon Probes

  Adviser: Brian Cohen

David Love '19

  Project: Speciation and Sexual Isolation in Drosophila

  Adviser: Roman Yukilevich

Carly Burns '20

  Project: Comparing Feeding Success of Larval Black-Legged Ticks on Different Host Species

  Adviser: Kathleen LoGiudice

James (Thai) LaGraff '20

  Project: Cuticular Hydrocarbons and Speciation in Drosophila

  Adviser: Roman Yukilevich

Biology and Psychology:

Kathryn Wall '18

  Project: Biomarkers and Neuropsychological Outcomes of the Interactive Physical and Cognitive Exercise System (iPaces™)

  Adviser: Brian Cohen and Cay Anderson


Sarah Connolly '18

  Project: Union College Air Quality Project

  Adviser: Andrew Huisman

Edward Gebara '18

  Project: Using Cucurbituril as a Protecting Agent for Achieving Regioselectivity

  Adviser: Vijayakumar Ramalingam

Gregory Hayner '18

  Project: Analysis of Trehalose Analog Hydrolysis by PLE through LC-MS/MS

  Adviser: Margo Paulick

Christopher Henry '18

  Project: A Case Study: Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Their Implications

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

John Jonker '18

  Project: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of High-Performance Supercapacitors Based on Ternary and Quaternary Hybrid Films Nanocomposites

  Adviser: Michael Hagerman

Paige Kotowitz '18

  Project: Activity Coefficients Measured Via Apparent Vapor Pressure

  Adviser: Andy Huisman

Lakhena Leang '18

  Project: Enzymatic Characterization and Optimization of Schizophyllum Commune Metacaspases 1-5

  Adviser: Kristen Fox

Lauren O'Connor '18

  Project: Photolysis of Organic Ultraviolet Filter Chemicals

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Alexandra Pagano '18

  Project: Investigation of a Modified Laponite Material for Filtration of PFAAs from Drinking Water

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Rachel Riley '18

  Project: Synthesis and Evaluation of Pro8Tre as a Mammalian Cellular Protectant

  Adviser: Margot Paulick

John Shuler '18

  Project: Drosophila Athabasca Cuticular Hydrocarbon Synthesis

  Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Zain Ansari '19

  Project: Aerogel Lab

  Adviser: Mary Carroll

Kayenat Bismillah '19

  Project: 3D Printed Nanocomposite Matrix for Water Purification

  Adviser: Michael Hagerman

Samantha Gavin '19

  Project: Synthesis and Characterization of Isotopically Labelled Cobalt and Zinc Trans-Dicyano Complexes

  Adviser: Laurie Tyler

Xiao Peng Li '19

  Project: Catalytic Aerogel Summer Research Project

  Adviser: Mary Carroll

Nar Lin '19

  Project: Synthesis of Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Drosophila Athabasca

  Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Jacob Pessin '19

  Project: Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline and Graphene Aerogel Nanocomposites

  Adviser: Michael Hagerman

Thomas Andre '20

  Project: Aerogels for Catalytic Applications

  Adviser: Mary Carroll

Anna Mahony '20

  Project: Environmental Analysis of Perfluoroalkyl Acids

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Truc Pham '20

  Project: Synthesis of Potential Small-Molecule Inhibitors for S.commune Metacaspase

  Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck


Samantha Collins '18

  Project: Bibliographic Research in Relation to the Archaeological Site at Vani

  Adviser: Angela Commito

Patrice Richard '19

  Project: Preliminary Study of Archaeobotanical Remains from the Vani Regional Survey

  Adviser: Angela Commito

Computer Science:

Kentaro Barhydt '18

  Project: Design and Production of a 15-Bar Tensegrity Robot with Modular Struts

  Adviser: John Rieffel

Elizabeth Ricci '18

  Project: Socially-Aware Robot Navigation

  Adviser: Aaron Cass

Nam Bui '19

  Project: Redesigning a Robot's Face to Enhance Human-Robot Interaction

  Adviser: Kristina Striegnitz

Danielle Gregg '19

  Project: Autonomous Navigation: Robotic Movement as a Social Enterprise

  Adviser: Nicholas Webb

Zongliang (Jerry) Ji '19

  Project: Exploring Fast Matrix Multiplication Algorithms

  Adviser: Matthew Anderson

Jonathan Kimber '19

  Project: The Effect of a Robot's Approach Angle on the Success of Social Interactions

  Adviser: Aaron Cass

Anthony Yang Xu '19

  Project: Matthew Anderson

  Adviser: Exploring Efficient Matrix Multiplication Via SAT Solvers

William Christensen '20

  Project: EvoFab

  Adviser: John Rieffel

Bhuwan Gokhool '20

  Project: Automatically Generating Captions and Annotations for Data Graphs

  Adviser: Kristina Striegnitz

Brock Harris '20

  Project: Implementation of Cascading Selective Undo in an Integrated Development Environment

  Adviser: Aaron Cass


Tung Nguyen '19

  Project: Bubble Traces, Patterns and the Possibility of the Next Global Financial Crisis

  Adviser: Stephen Schmidt

Electrical and Computer Engineering:

Lianna Gangi '18

  Project: Clinical Immersion and Needs Finding Program

  Adviser: Shane Cotter

Michael Geiger '18

  Project: Projection Photolithography System for Fabricating Optical Microresonators

  Adviser: Takashi Buma

Lam Ngo '18

  Project: Software-Controlled Prototyping System

  Adviser: James Hedrick

Nicholas Williams '18

  Project: Clinical Immersion and Needs Finding Program

  Adviser: Shane Cotter

Nicole Conley '19

  Project: 3D Label-Free Imaging of Drosophila Larvae Using Photoacoustic Microscopy

  Adviser: Takashi Buma

Lisa Hladik '19

  Project: Forensic Analysis of Audio Recordings Using Digital Signal Processing

  Adviser: Luke Dosiek

Sirus Negahban '19

  Project: Low Level Signal Probing to Determine Dynamic Properties of a Drum Kit

  Adviser: Luke Dosiek

Pranav Shrestha '19

  Project: Development and Calibration of Open-Source PMU for Distribution-Level Frequency Sampling

  Adviser: Luke Dosiek


Anouk Nouet '18

  Project: The Impact of Permeable Concrete on Water Treatment and Filtration: Economic and Environmental Gain?

  Adviser: Ashraf Ghaly


Ethan Watson '18

  Project: Determining the Response to Chaucer's The House of Fame Through Manuscript Analysis

  Adviser: Kara Doyle

Katie Casado '19

  Project: Theorizing Martyrs and Masochism

  Adviser: Jen Mitchell

Environmental Chemistry

Kaya Cooley '18

  Project: Analysis of Perfluoroalkyl Acids in the Environment and Possible Sequestrian Methods with Modified Montmorillonite

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer


Hannah Barnes '18

  Project: Reconstructing Climate Data Using a Speleothem from the Scoharie Valley, NY

  Adviser: David Gillikin

Joshua Dunn '18

  Project:Tracking Pollution in NY Streams Using Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes

  Adviser: Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin

Andres Gallego '18

  Project: Understanding the Formation of Metamorphosed Phyllies, Peloponnesus, Greece

  Adviser: Matthew Manon

Jordan Herbert '18

  Project: Climate Reconstruction of African River Systems Using Proxies in Freshwater Bivalve Shells

  Adviser: David Gillikin

Brendan McClure '18


  Adviser: Anouk Verheyden

Tshering Lama Sherpa '18

  Project: Magnetic Provenance of Glacial Lacustrine Sediments Preserved in Lake Junin Drill Core

  Adviser: Donald Rodbell

Katherine Treacy '18

  Project:Tropical Dendrochronology

  Adviser: Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin

Maria Van Nostrand '18

  Project: Petrographic Analysis of the Blåhø Nappe of the Middle Allochthon, Scandinavian Caledonides in Norway

  Adviser: Kurt Hollocher

Will Fisher '19

  Project: Geology Department Water Project

  Adviser: Holli Frey

Heidi O'Hora '19

  Project: Impact of Climate on the Settlement of the Middle Senegal Valley by Iron-Using Peoples

  Adviser: David Gillikin

Cameron Bechtold '20

  Project: Investigating the Urban Stream Syndrome in the Mohawk Watershed

  Adviser: Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin


Andrew Cassarino '18

  Project: The Duke of Richmond: The Military Career of Edward Hastings Ripley, 1862-1865

  Adviser: Andrea Foroughi


Casey Bruck '18

  Project: A New Conjecture of Polignac

  Adviser: Jeffery Hatley

Joshua Park '18


  Adviser: Jue Wang

Zhengqi Yang '18

  Project: Supervised Machine Learning for Classifying Cancer Characteristics

  Adviser: Jue Wang

Mechanical Engineering:

Elizabeth Donlon '18

  Project: Fabrication and Analysis of Silica Aerogels Containing Copper Nanoparticles for Catalysis

  Adviser: Ann Anderson

Luke Eberth '18

  Project: Design and Testing of an Autonomous Tick Collecting Robot

  Adviser: William Keat

Sean Glennon '18

  Project: Analysis of Rocket Guidance Systems and Structure

  Adviser: Ronald Bucinell

Ronald Tocci '18

  Project: Design, Construction and Testing of a Bi-Layer Mold for Aerogel Processing

  Adviser: Ann Anderson

Lukas Valdman '18

  Project: Mycelium-Based Material

  Adviser: Ronald Bucinell

Zaid Al-Moghrabi '19

  Project: Modification of a Solar Tracking System and Analysis of Economic Efficiency

  Adviser: Richard Wilk

Allison King '19

  Project: Automating the UCAT Testbed

  Adviser: Ronald Bucinell 

Jiasen Zheng '19

  Project:The Analysis of Heat Transfer Materials in a Concentrated Solar Power System

  Adviser: Hani Tiznobaik

Modern Language:

Gillian Singer '19

  Project: New Feminist Materialism & Codes of Family Constellation Structures in Fairy Tales

  Adviser: Erika Nelson Mukherjee

Physics and Astronomy

Skye Conlan '18

  Project: Ion-Beam Analysis of Artificial Turf

  Adviser: Scott LaBrake

Genesis Guerra '18

  Project: Improved Spectroscopy at the Union College Observatory with Camera Upgrades

  Adviser: Francis Wilkin

Mark Mininberg '18

  Project: Generating and Detecting Entangled Photon Pairs from Type-II Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion

  Adviser: Chad Orzel

Benjamin Beckwith '19

  Project: Type II Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion and Single Photon Experiments

  Adviser: Chad Orzel

Sajju Chalise '19

  Project: Hells Gate Bridge, The Jewel of NYC?

  Adviser: Michael Vineyard

Taylor Kurtz '19

  Project: Photon Downconversion

  Adviser: Chad Orzel

John Linarelli '19

  Project: Lead Isotope Dating of Iron Meteorites

  Adviser: Heather Watson

Aiyana Poulin '19

  Project: Star Formation In Galaxy Groups

  Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann

Kevin Trigo '19

  Project: Mathematical Modeling of Binary Stellar Winds

  Adviser: Francis Wilkin

Cameron Yang '19

  Project: Analysis of Magnetic Spheres as Models for Liquids and Crystals

  Adviser: Nelia Mann

Thomas Clement '20

  Project: Diffusion of lead in Iron Sulfide: Implications for the age of the Solar System

  Adviser: Heather Watson

Owen Corey '20

  Project: Crystallization of Polymers and Polymer Blends

  Adviser: Samuel Amanuel

Jack Edson '20

  Project: Improving The Specific Heat of Thermal Fluids By Making Compositions With Nanoparticles

  Adviser: Samuel Amanuel

Jaclyn Gehring '20

  Project: Solid-State Diffusion in Metals and Sulfides: Applications to ron meteorites and the age of the solar system

  Adviser: Heather Watson

Ziyi Hu '20

  Project: Fitting Data to a Model for Proton-Proton Scattering

  Adviser: Nelia Mann

Casey Lee '20

  Project: Building An Optical Tweezers Set

  Adviser: Chad Orzel

Ha An Nguyen '20

  Project: Planetary and Mosaic Imaging Possibilities: Developing space imaging techniques at Union College Observatory

  Adviser: Francis Wilkin

Hanna Nielson '20

  Project: Star Formation in the NRGb 301 Group of Galaxies

  Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann

Zachary Porat '20

  Project: Search for Fluorotelomers in Consumer Products

  Adviser: Scott LaBrake

John Scriven '20

  Project: Phase Transition of Nanoconfined Systems

  Adviser: Samuel Amanuel

Zihui Zeng '20

  Project: Measuring the Mass of a Supercluster with the Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster Survey

  Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann

Political Science:

Zaiying Li '18

  Project: State-ownership, control and influence in China's investments in the United States

  Adviser: Mark Dallas

Michael Stalteri '19

  Project: Schoolchildren in the Age of Trump

  Adviser: Zoe Oxley

Wenhao Yang '19

  Project: State-ownership, control and influence in China's investments in the United States

  Adviser: Mark Dallas

Tianhao Zhang '20

  Project: Chinese Investments in the United States: The Problem of State-Ownership

  Adviser: Mark Dallas

Gangliang Zhao '20

  Project: Chinese FDI into the United States: The Problem of State-Ownership

  Adviser: Mark Dallas


Sayyida Hasan '18

  Project: Discussing Topics with Others

  Adviser: Stephen Romero

Sydney Keane '18

  Project: Community Action, Research, and Education (CARE) program

  Adviser: Carol Weisse

Yizhi Lin '18

  Project: Brain White Matter alterations Among Different Group of TN Patients Compared to Controls

 Adviser: David Hayes

Matthew Liquori '18

  Project: Community Action, Research, and Education (CARE) program

  Adviser: Carol Weisse

Kristen St. Andrews '18

  Project: Community Action, Research, and Education (CARE) program

  Adviser: Carol Weisse

Alexa Rosen '19

  Project: Level of Depression and its Association with Structural Brain Changes

  Adviser: David Hayes

Meichai Chen '20

  Project: Investigating Change in Anxiety During Exposure Meals Over Time as Predictors of Eating Disorder Recovery

  Adviser: Catherine Walker


Maria Lovetere '19

  Project: CAM and Integrative Medicine

  Adviser: Melinda Goldner

Theatre and Dance:

Aidan Murphy '18

  Project: Cognito Cheat Sheet

  Adviser: Robert Bovard

Visual Arts:

Mitchell Clifford '18

  Project: Robotic Art: Narrative in Mechanisms

  Adviser: Fernando Orellana