Meet the 2018 Minerva Fellows

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Eight Union College seniors were chosen to represent the College's Minerva Fellows program.

They will travel the globe to work in developing countries while paired up with a social entrepreneurial organization. The students will work for nine months and return to the College and live in a Minerva house for one month, where they will participate in a social entrepreneurial course and educate current students about their experiences abroad.

This year's fellows are:

Randi Broadwell
Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Claire Kelly
Dharma Endeavors, Hampi, India

Matthew Liquori
Engeye, Ddegeya, Uganda

Luke McCaffrey
Environmentalist Foundation of India, Chennai, India

Angus McReynols
Coral Cay Foundation, Southern Leyte, The Phillipines

Emma Parece
The Global Child, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Isabelle Rhodes
The Global Child, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nicholas Williams
Engeye, Ddegeya, Uganda