2019 Summer Research Participants

Publication Date
First Name Last Name Advisor Academic Department Project
Rachael Rose Parisi Karen Brison Anthropology Aging and Ailing within the Cultural Constructs of America
Marina Angelopoulos Sheri Lullo Art History Contemporary Art in China
Matthew Cullen Janet Anderson Biochemistry Improving End of Life Care Through Medical Records Review
Devon Hennel Brian Cohen Biochemistry Impact of SNP on HPA Axis Functionality in Depression
Christian Mastroianni Nicole Theodosiou Biochemistry Gene Patterning in the Skate Intestine
Alexandra Temple Brian Cohen Biochemistry Analysis of hFSHR CBM Mutants
Paul Bacchi Jeffrey Corbin Biology Analyzing the regeneration of Jack Pines (pinus banksiana) at Flat Rock State Park in Altona, NY
Anna Browne Jeffrey Corbin Biology Exploring the Influence of Thruways on Natural Ecosystems Through the Reconstruction of Ecological Histories at the Albany Pine Bush
Cameron Cyr Brian Cohen Biology Genetic influences on endocannabinoid-dopaminergic signaling within the context of food addiction and obesity
Thomas Farina Leo Fleishman Biology Studying the real time dynamics of motion-based animal communication
Emily Fitz Brian Cohen Biology Analysis of the role of FSH in Osteoporosis and Subsequent Dental and Oral Disease
Marcy Forti Nicole Theodosiou Biology The Role of Muscle Differentiation in Spiraling of the Intestine in Leucoraja erinacea
Truc Pham Quynh Chu-LaGraff Biology Characterization of Neuron and Glial Cells Generated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells of Patient with Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscin
Sean Rigney Steven Rice Biology Effects of Conservation Management on Vegetative Structure in the Albany Pine Bush
Shreya Srivastava Barbara Danowski Biology Investigations of the Relationship Between ATP Levels and Microtubule Stability
Lauren Stebbins Jeffrey Corbin Biology Analyzing the Effects of New York State Thruway on the Albany Pine Bush Preserve
Khoa Tran Kathleen LoGiudice Biology On the feeding success of larval and nymphal black-legged ticks across host species
Imogene Welles Kathleen LoGiudice Biology Stable Isotope Analysis of I. scapularis
Kira Wilson Jeffrey Corbin Biology Altona State Park Species Succession Post Disturbance
Emily Andrews Joanne Kehlbeck Chemistry Investigation of the Formation of Acrylamide Through the Maillard Reaction
Chris Avanessian Mary Carroll Chemistry Synthesis and Microscopic Characterization of Catalytic Aerogels
Jana Davis Ellen Robertson Chemistry Measuring the Composition of Pollutants in Water Using Emulsion-Based Sensors
Dylan Dupont James Adrian Chemistry Synthesis of Gamma-Lactam Moieties via Reformatsky-Type Chemistry
Annelise Lobo Mary Carroll Chemistry Aerogels for Optics
Anna Mahony Ellen Robertson Chemistry Fabrication of Pollutant Sensors via the Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Nanoparticles and Functionalized Proteins at Fluid Interfaces
Elizabeth Whitney Ellen Robertson Chemistry Interaction of Gold Nanoparticles and Amphiphilic Peptoids When Deposited on Silicon Substrates Using the Langmuir-Blodgett Method
Meghan Reilly Hans Mueller Classics The Silk Road: Trade between Ancient China and Rome
Mallory Toolan Hans Mueller Classics Word Studies and Roman Society Through the Eyes of Cicero
Darnesjia Buford-Creighton Nicholas Webb Computer Science Human-Robot Interaction: Robots Using a Human's Gaze and Walking Speed to Select Who to Engage With
Akriti Dhasmana Matthew Anderson Computer Science Improving the Searching Technique for Uniquely Solvable Puzzles for Faster Matrix Multiplication Improving the Searching Technique for Uniquely Solvable Puzzles for Faster Matrix Multiplication
Kyle Doney Matthew Anderson Computer Science Increasing the Efficiency of Matrix Multiplication Using Machine Learning
Iliyas El Arif John Rieffel Computer Science Adaptive and Resilient Soft Tensegrity Robots
Brock Harris Chris Fernandes Computer Science A Pedagogical Tool For Usability Science
Ali Khan John Rieffel Computer Science Investigating Linear Vibration as an Alternative Mode of Motion in Tensegrity Robots
Aikaterini Petridou John Rieffel Computer Science Upgrading Hardware Design Of The Tensegrity Robot
Jasmin Ramirez Matthew Anderson Computer Science Improving VR Control by using 3D Capturing System
Theo Seidel John Rieffel Computer Science Developing Hardware for Tensegrity Robotics
Sahar Shakeel John Rieffel Computer Science Soft Tensegrity Robots
Larissa Umulinga John Rieffel Computer Science Tensegrity Robotics
Celina Munoz Matthew Anderson Computer Science Improving Latency in Virtual Reality Interfaces used for Controlling Robots
Leo Cavedagne Dong Cheng Economics Automobile Industry's Effects on States During the Great Depression
Julia Beekman Shane Cotter Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Clinical Immersion and Needs Finding Program
Ryan Bosanko Helen Hanson Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering A Case Study Regarding Speech in Children
Rong Chen Takashi Buma Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Label-free imaging of adult zebrafish brain using photoacoustic microscopy
Owen Corey Sudhir Khetan Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering The effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on the viability and differentiation factors of human mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in 3 dimensional crosslinked polymer gels
Paidamoyo Ewing Jennifer Currey Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Summer Clinical Immersion Program
Troy Kohler Luke Dosiek Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Three-Phase Motor Drive Desktop Enclosure Construction
Herschel Norwitz Luke Dosiek Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Distinguishing between natural and forced oscillation in the power grid
Christina Pavlovsky Jennifer Currey Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Summer Clinical Immersion Program at Albany Med
Raya Petrova Takashi Buma Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Ultrasound Neuromodulation of Crayfish
Katelynn Russ Jennifer Currey Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering PTOA Progression Through Weight Bearing and Non-weight Bearing Rehabilitation Protocols
Alex Shakibai Sudhir Khetan Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Assessment of Mammalian Cells atop Bionanocomposite Films Toward Regenerative Applications
Kathleen Swanson Shane Cotter Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Albany Med Summer Clinical Immersion Program
Claire Williamson Shane Cotter Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Occluded Facial Expression Recognition using Neural Networks
Lu Zhang Luke Dosiek Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering The three-phase transformer and three-phase motor drive
Hope Noonan-Stoner Andrew Burkett English Bridging Union's Digital Divide
Nicholas Soluri Bunkong Tuon English Understanding Masculinity in Literature
Abigail Stack Jillmarie Murphy English The Politics of Human-to-Animal Attachments in Trans-Atlantic Literary Naturalism
Cameron Bechtold Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin Geology Carbon Cycling in Urban and Rural Freshwater Systems in Upstate New York
Jaclyn Gehring Mason Stahl Geology Developing a Groundwater Isoscape of the United States
Jason Higginbotham Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin Geology Developing a safer and more sustainable sample preservation methods for the analysis of stable carbon isotopes in dissolved inorganic carbon.
Laura Piccirillo Don Rodbell Geology Cave Speleothem Deposits Correlating to Precipitation and Evaporation Archives near Lake Junin, Peru in the Tropical Andes
Stephen Camarra David Gillikin Geology The Antarctic Scallop as Key to Paleoenvironments and Sea Ice Conditions: Understanding the Modern to Predict the Past
Maribely Quezada Kurt Hollocher Geology Union College Water Initiative
Justine (Gigi) Kieltyka Carol Weisse Health Professions Developing a Database to Track Hospice Patient Outcomes in Residential Homes for the Dying
Erika Bonnist Andrew Morris History The Modern Implications of Hurricane Camille
Emily Coello Kenneth Aslakson History Vice-Admiralty Courts, Prize Cases, and the View of Race in the 18th Century
Claire Hadelman Andrew Morris History Exploration of Rural Economic Decline and the Adirondack Timber Industry
Carlos Piedad Andrew Morris History Examining the Longstanding Debate on Land Allocation and Purpose in the Adirondacks
Mushan Zhong Roger Hoerl Mathematics Statistical Engineering Strategy for Mixture Problems Incorporating Process Variables
Silas Cleveland Rebecca Cortez Mechanical Engineering Thermally Variable Springs: Modeling the Spring Constant of Coiled Nylon Muscle
Colin Czerpak Rebecca Cortez Mechanical Engineering Characterization of Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coating on Ti6Al4V
Jack Edson Joel Lefever Mechanical Engineering Using atomic force microscopy to characterize local material environments in developing embryos
Erendira Garcia Pallares Ashok Ramasubramanian Mechanical Engineering Flexure and Torsion Response to Vitelline Membrane Biomechanical Force in Chick Embryos
Daniel Grogan Brad Bruno Mechanical Engineering Diesel Particulate Matter Filtering System using Aerogels
Matthew LaRosa Ann Anderson Mechanical Engineering Fabricating Nanoparticle Containing Catalytic Aerogels and Testing Catalytic Aerogels
Geoffrey Liu William Keat Mechanical Engineering Exploration of the Dynamics of a Six-Bar Tensegrity Using 3D Motion Tracking System
Zoe Lyon Richard Wilk Mechanical Engineering Solar Water Desalination
Leo Minami Rebecca Cortez Mechanical Engineering Cost and feasibility of a metal 3D printing system at Union College
Walani Ndhlovu Ali Hamed Mechanical Engineering Canopy Shear Layer Perturbation by Heterogeneities
Adam Peterlein Ali Hamed Mechanical Engineering The Effect of Roughness Geometry on Roughness Induced Transition to Turbulence
Giancarlo Sabetta Joel Lefever Mechanical Engineering Investigating failure criteria in disordered nanoparticle packings
Jackson Selent Richard Wilk Mechanical Engineering Improving the Output of Solar PV Modules Using Double Exposure/Bifacial Modules and Two-Axis Tracking
Christopher Simmons David Hodgson Mechanical Engineering Optimizing the Design and Control of an Autonomous Tensegrity Robot
Allison Stanec Ann Anderson Mechanical Engineering Examining Aerogel Etched with a CO2 Laser Cutter
Sunan Sun Richard Wilk Mechanical Engineering Photovoltaic Performance Enhancement Using Flat Reflectors and Coupled with a Cooling System
Zi Wei Xing Rebecca Cortez Mechanical Engineering Electrical Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes in Water Purification
Qiushi Yao Brad Bruno Mechanical Engineering Fluid Flow Through Aerogels
Olivia Zimmerman Ashok Ramasubramanian Mechanical Engineering Factors that Influence Early Embryonic Rotation in the Chick
Enrique Roman Rebecca Cortez Mechanical Engineering The Importance of Orientation in Additive Manufacture 316 L Stainless Steel
Kathleen Sinatra Christine Henseler Modern Languages and Literature Looking Forward: A Nation Built on Young Immigrants:
Uyen Hoang Cheikh Ndiaye Modern Languages and Literatures The completion of Politics of Memory
Ziyi Hu Kristin Bidoshi Modern Languages and Literatures Learning Verbs of Motion in Russian Through Virtual Reality
Morgan Hughes Erika Nelson Modern Languages and Literatures An Analysis of Sociodemographic Data Collected from Residential Hospice Homes in the Capital Region
Kylie Alberts Chad Rogers Neuroscience Auditory Decision Making
Ingrid Burke Jef Wagner Physics and Astronomy Vacuum Cannon
Owen Connolly Francis Wilkin Physics and Astronomy Modeling Collisions of Stellar Winds in a Rotating Reference Frame
Jacob Feinstein Scott LaBrake Physics and Astronomy PIGE Analysis of PFASs at Union College
Samuel Kemp Jef Wagner Physics and Astronomy Forces between Inclusions on a Lipid Bilayer
Colin Langton Michael Vineyard Physics and Astronomy Development of an Analysis Procedure for Proton-Induced Gamma Emission of Environmental Samples
Jessica Matli Jef Wagner Physics and Astronomy Simulation and Analysis of Polymers
Gianna Morton Rebecca Koopmann Physics and Astronomy The Mass of the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster
Georgia Mraz Francis Wilkin Physics and Astronomy Follow-Up Observations of NASA's TESS Exoplanets Targets using the Union College Observatory
Martin Pargiello Francis Wilkin Physics and Astronomy Adaptive Optics and Improved Guiding for Astronomical CCD Images
Daniel Resnick Francis Wilkin Physics and Astronomy Finding an Exact Solution for Stellar Wind Collision in a Rotating Frame
Samantha Rosenfeld Rebecca Koopmann Physics and Astronomy Mapping Star Formation in the SRGb078 Group of Galaxies
William Sanders Jonathan Marr Physics and Astronomy Development of Radio Astronomy Labs using the MIT Haystack 18-meter Radio Telescope
Genesis Santana Seyfollah Maleki Physics and Astronomy Extraction of Signal from Background for Micro-Raman Examination of Paint Pigments
Jason Sindoni Francis Wilkin Physics and Astronomy The Influence of Solar Radiation on Asteroid Rotation
Mia Villeneuve Michael Vineyard Physics and Astronomy Ion Beam Analysis of Heavy Metals in Soil along the East River
Zihui Zeng Rebecca Koopmann Physics and Astronomy Measuring the Mass of a Supercluster with the Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster Survey
Anttoni Asikainen Mark Dallas Political Science Winner Takes All: the political economy of platforms and standards in high-technology
Nan Jiang Mark Dallas Political Science China's development in an era of global fragmented production
Alexandra Merrill Bradley Hays Political Science Examining Priority Status in Admittance, and Live Discharges Among Patients in Residential Homes for the Dying
Elizabeth Anderson Clifford Brown Political Science Electoral College
Bonelyn De Los Santos Suzanne Benack Psychology Creating a Database to Determine the Needs of Hospice Patients in Residential Homes for the Dying
Kartik Nath Cay Anderson-Hanley Psychology Neuropsychological and biomarker changes with varied interactive physical and cognitive exercise (iPACES v3)
Nurupa Ramkissoon Kenneth DeBono Psychology CARE Fellowship: The Creation of an Archival Database of Patient Hospice Records for Philanthropic Homes for the Dying
Stephanie Resnick Carol Weisse Psychology Understanding the Unique Care Needs of Hospice Patients Being Cared For in Residential Homes for the Dying
Michela Michielli Cay Anderson-Hanley Psychology iPACES Lab
Nathan Gillespie Jennifer Grayburn Schaffer Library Creating to Compose: 3D printing, music synthesis, and digital musicology in the pursuit of novel instrumentation based on medieval Scandinavian soundscapes
Kara Leyden David Cotter Sociology STEM Access and Success