Cut it out: Virtual collage with Juan Hinojosa

Publication Date

Juan Hinojosa, the current exhibiting artist in the Art Installation Series at Schaffer Library, will lead a virtual collage-making night Tuesday, April 21, 5-6 p.m.

The event, hosted by the Mandeville Gallery with additional funding from Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Department of Visual Arts, is free and open to the public.

Participants will join Hinojosa in making their own collages with everyday materials. The artist will be working in real time, selecting items and making design decisions, as he builds a collage. He also will give a brief introduction about his process and show examples of his work.

Materials to amass in preparation for the event include everyday paper-like items from around the house, such as newspapers and magazines, old greeting or birthday cards, postcards, photos and book sleeves. Additional throwaways that can be repurposed include cereal boxes, Legos or other toy pieces, ribbon, textiles, lace, beads and tape. Glue and scissors or an X-Acto or utility knife are essential.

Hinojosa, who grew up in a Peruvian immigrant family in Queens, became “absolutely obsessed with all aspects of American culture” and began collecting “everything I could get my hands on.” His complex collage-drawings are constructed from found objects and everyday trash as part of his desire to challenge American greed and consumption. His works have been featured in numerous galleries and exhibit spaces in New York.

Hinojosa’s installation, "All Mine," is on view in Schaffer Library’s first-floor Learning Commons through 2020.