Prize Day 2020: Josephine Daggett Prize winner Harjot "Shaun" Uppal

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At Prize Day 2020, the Josephine Daggett Prize to the senior for conduct and character was awarded to Harjot Uppal. The citation from President David R. Harris:

The recipient of the Josephine Daggett Prize is selected by the faculty and the prize is awarded annually to the fourth-year student deemed to be of the best character and conduct.

Harjot Uppal

Harjot "Shaun" Uppal

Faculty nominators spoke of this student’s intellectual prowess, his range of interests and his service to others. They used words like “well-rounded,” “kindhearted,” “compassionate,” and “respectful.” They said his conduct and character were exemplary and that he was an example of the best and brightest of students.

A double major in chemistry and gender, sexuality and women’s studies, he is in the Leadership in Medicine-Health Management Program. Despite a demanding course load, he has taken an impressive range of courses that run well beyond the requirements of his major. He delves deeply into topics in English, anthropology and philosophy. He also is about to earn a degree at Clarkson University’s business school. He was selected to membership in Iota Iota Iota, the national honor society for students interested in gender, sexuality and women’s studies.

With a broad and deep interest in helping the vulnerable and improving the health care system, he has written a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics including ambulatory surgery, palliative care and patient-centered care. He is also pursuing publication of an English/gender studies research paper in a literary journal.

Among his many service activities, he is Richmond House Head Residential Advisor and a tutor at the Writing Center who shares his experience with First-Year Preceptorials. In his role as vice chair of the Honor Council, he has spent countless hours reviewing cases, meeting with students and participating in chair-dean reviews and hearings. His work on the Honor Council has been described as thoughtful, compassionate, fair and indefatigable.

One nominator perhaps said it best: “He will absolutely make a difference in the world.”

It is my privilege to present the Josephine Daggett Prize to Shaun Uppal.