2020 Summer research participants

Publication Date
Name(First) Name (Last) Advisor First Name Advisor Last Name Title of Project
Kylie Alberts Chad Rogers Auditory Decision Making
Marina Angelopoulos Guillermina Seri Unlawful Governance in Contemporary Democracies: A Study of The Greek Economic Crisis
Ally Atkins Jue Wang Detecting Kidney Stone and Composition from Ultrasound Screening
Chris Avanessian Mary Carroll Synthesis and Microscopy of Catalytic Aerogels
Srihari Balaji Rebecca Koopmann Influence of Environmental Effects on Galaxy Evolution
Amber Birt Laura MacManus-Spencer Measuring Concentrations of Acrylamide in Coffee Beans and other Roasted Foods
Melanie Boyle Heather Watson Different Salt Water Compositions Freezing and High Pressures on Europa
Ingrid Burke Dan Venning Theater Financing
Jason D'Amico Tomas Dvorak Analyzing Union College Admissions Patterns with Machine Learning
Claudia Dalterio Cay Anderson-Hanley Cognitive Benefits of Neuro-Exergaming for Older Adults: An interactive Physical and Cognitive Exercise Study (iPACES)
Ben Davis Cherrice Traver Documentation and Dissemination of Designs for Wheeled Mobility Device
Jana Davis Ellen Robertson Understanding the Composition and Interaction of Emulsions to Produce Stable Compounds
Isabella Demyan Laurie Tyler
Beck DeYoung Mason Stahl Using Machine Learning to Characterize Global Variability in Groundwater Arsenic
Ava DiSavino Lorraine Cox Creative Community Opportunities
Jan Dolejs John Rieffel CROCHET Laboratory Research
Lily Dong Dong Cheng How does Trade Policy Uncertainty Impact Investor Sentiment?
Rachel Eisenberg Brian Cohen Polymorphisms in the Glucocorticoid and Oxytocin Pathways in Relation to Obesity and Bariatric Patients
Jacob Feinstein Heather Watson EPALS at Union College
IreLee Ferguson Cay Anderson-Hanley Neuropsychological benefit from interactive Physical and Cognitive Exercise System (iPACES) associated nutrition
Emma Flatland Roger Hoerl Connecting the Statistical Engineering Approach to Theories in Neuroscience and Cognition
Emma Flatland Jeffrey Corbin Mapping Pine Barrens using USGS Surface Soil data
Anhad Gande Rebecca Koopmann Measuring the mass of the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster
Madelyn Gerardi Cay Anderson-Hanley Autism Spectrum Disorder: Cognition and Exergaming
Clivens Gineau Rebecca Koopmann Calculating the mass of a the Pieces-Precise supercluster
Meesha Gupta Chandra Pappu Applications of Chaotic Oscillators for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radar/Ladar Systems
Lilith Haig Fernando Orellana An Interdisciplinary Approach to Tarot
Hyojin Han John Rieffel Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Grace Heiting Scott Kirkton Beckman Fellow Research
Tzu-Ruei Huang Jeffrey Hatley Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms
Lydia Hursh Kara Doyle Literary Cross-Pollination In Ireland in the 14th Century
Sophie Hurwitz Colleen Connelly Small Ligand Binding to regulate the Tertiary Structure and Maturation of Pre-miRNA
Andrew James John Rieffel Locomotive Silicone Robots
Siqi Jia Stephen Schmidt The effect of teachers' salaries on academic performance of public school in different districts
Christos Kakogiannis Francis Wilkin Observational Investigation of Nova Cataclysmic Variable Stars
Ali Khan John Rieffel Investigating Mechanical and Electromagnetic Linear Vibration as an Alternative Mode of Motion in Tensegrity Robots
Changho Kim Kurt Hollocher Union College Water Initiative
Cameron Klepper Timothy Stablein The Transition Experience of the Terminally-Ill of the Joan Nicole Prince Home
Colin Langton Michael Vineyard Development of an Analysis Procedure for Proton-Induced Gamma Emission of Environmental Samples
Elise Liebow Heather Watson Freezing Point Depression of Salt Brines at High Pressures, in Relation to Europa
Daphne Lin Mark Dallas With Strained Geopolitical Ties Between The US and China, What Is China's Next Move Within The Fragmented Semiconductor Industry?
Corina Lindsay Nicole Theodosiou CARE Program
Miranda Luse David Gillikin Using Oxygen Isotopes in Archeological Mollusc Shells to Characterize the Waters in Coastal North Carolina
Timothy Maines Matthew Manon Feldspar Zoning in Dominica Ignimbrites
Tyler Mar Mason Stahl Characterizing Streamflow Ages and Watershed Dynamics
Jason Marmorstein Laurie Tyler Synthesis and Characterization of Multidentate Ligands on Cu(II) Metal Centers
Christian Mastroianni Nicole Theodosiou Role of Smooth Muscle Differentiation in Developing Skate Intestines
Drake McDonough Dave Gillikin Paleoclimate Reconstruction using Peruvian Speleothem
Makayla Mori Joanne Kehlbeck Synthesis of Potential Small-Molecule Inhibitors for S.commune Metacaspase
Gianna Morton Rebecca Koopmann Galaxy Evolution and Environmental Effects in Groups of Galaxies
Kartik Nath Cay Anderson-Hanley Beckman Fellow Summer #2
Andreina Negretti Benito Stephanie Mueller Drawing a Better World: Comics and Graphic Novels on Social Issues
My Nguyen Brenda Johnson Intrinsically Knotted Graphs and Clique Completeness
Aikaterini Petridou John Rieffel Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Ian Plummer Donald Rodbell Analysis of Paleoclimate Through Speleothems From the Central Peruvian Andes
Hayden Qualls Yijing Stehle Wearable Printed Hydration Sensors: Use of Graphene as a Conductive Ink
Jeremy Rausch Mark Dallas US-China Technology Wars - Semiconductors
Aarya Rijal Eshragh Motahar The Political Economy of the New Silk Road: from China to South Asia and Beyond
Matthew Rueter Richard Wilk Bifacial Solar Mounting Optimization
Theodore Seidel John Rieffel Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Nimra Shabbir Mark Dallas The Weaponization of Technology: US China Trade War
Christopher Simmons William Keat Design and Development of a Tick Collecting Robot
Hailey Sinon Donald Rodbell Using Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements as a Proxy for Paleoclimate in Tropical Speleothems
Jenna Smith Guillermina Seri Unlawful Governance in Democracies
Johanna Sosa Darlingtina Esiaka Implication of engagement with modernity on patterns of eldercare
Abigail Stack Jill Murphy Chapter 2, "Reforming Animacies: Human-to-Animal Attachments in Emile Zola's La Bête Humaine" (1890)
Jason Stack Leila Khatami Exploring Artinian Algebras and Jordan Types, a Computational Approach Using SageMath
Allison Stanec Ann Anderson Study of Crack Free Silica Aerogels
Lauren Stebbins Jeff Corbin Analyzing the Effects of New York State Thruway on the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Part 2i
Sarah Vanasse Scott Kirkton The Effects of Intermolt Development on Oxygen Delivery in the Schistocerca americana Grasshopper
Kaylee Velasquez David Gillikin Peruvian Speleothems as a Proxy for Global Climate Patterns
Mia Villeneuve Michael Vineyard Analysis of Heavy Metal Content in Paint and Soil
Bao Vo Kristina Striegnitz Social Robot's Visual Communication
Christina Vu Jue Wang Developing a Computational Model to Detect Early Signs of Cognitive Diseases
Evan Warren Dan Venning DISABILITY THEATRE: "Making Performances Accessible to Audiences with Disabilities."
Jia Wei John Rieffel Understanding Motions of Silicone Robots Through Quilty Diversity Algorithms
Jingyu Yao Matthew Anderson Practical Implementation of Matrix Multiplication Algorithm From SUSP
Zhebin Yin Aaron Cass Social Robot: Sound Signals Communication for Non-humanoid Robots
Hana Young Darlingtina Esiaka Chronic Illness and Identity
Lu Zhang Matthew Anderson Real Time Hand Tracking Virtual Reality Interface
Qiyue Zhang Dong Cheng The Industry Dynamics of the US Manufacturing during the Interwar Periods
Xuanyin Zhao Jue Wang Predictor of the Kidney Stone: The Recurrence after the First and Subsequent Episodes