President Harris urges constructive engagement, voting

Publication Date

President David R. Harris has written a message to the Union community urging all members to vote and to encourage constructive engagement over issues that often divide.

“As an educational institution, our goals should be to provide opportunities for our community to understand the issues that differentiate candidates from one another, and to engage constructively in an effort to understand why we sometimes disagree sharply on fundamental issues,” he wrote.

Harris cited some initiatives aimed at furthering discussion during what many consider a contentious election season. A non-partisan Civic Engagement Initiative focuses on voter education and participation. The Forum on Constructive Engagement takes on challenging topics such as police reform, racial injustice and healing from hate.

“The upcoming election results will establish the context for the coming years,” he wrote. “How we treat one another in the days ahead, and in the days that follow, is critical to maintaining Union as a community where learning and development result from being respected, supported and challenged.”

To read President Harris’ full statement visit here.