Art Forsdick '70

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Retired IT professional

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1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

I consider myself to be fortunate to have gotten to Union before the Ferguson/Hedquist era ended. I remember being very impressed with the level of professionalism. It was a helluva great way to start.

I was a DJ and did technician work under the leadership of Robert Douglas (Bobby D). I spent some time in various manholes on campus helping to either install or troubleshoot cabling.

I also did production work, creating beds for ads and promos. I helped put together those stereo carts we used for broadcasting spots.

I remember meeting with what I believe was the first delegation from Skidmore, which turned out to be significant for me as I eventually married the leader, Deborah Sehl.

After graduating, I lived in Saratoga Springs for seven years then moved back to Connecticut where I have been ever since. I had my degree in psych so I figured why not build a career in IT which I did. I worked both in-house and as a consultant over the years.


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