Bob Saltzman '69

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Retired GE manager

Bob Saltzman '69

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

Yes, indeed – it was the heyday of WRUC. These might have been the happiest days of my life. I think that I “majored” in WRUC – ate, slept and drank it. (I am surprised that I was able to graduate.)

I was deeply involved with many aspects of WRUC including hosting the Brother Bob Night Train Show, serving as chief engineer, working with F.X. Matt and West End Brewing Company on big promotions, training Skidmore students, producing for the concert committee, and taking numerous photographs.

Ed. Note: Bob retired in 2014 after a 45-year career with GE Global Research, where he was part of a team that developed CT imaging. For many years, he managed a team responsible for the lab's computer systems. An active local alumnus and organizer of events on-and off-campus, he is also a member of the Union College Academy of Lifelong Learning. Among his many interests, he is a certified pyrotechnician (presenting many fireworks displays on campus) and an expert on the assassination of JFK (about which he has presented on campus). Finally, he has been a dedicated archivist of WRUC history.


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