Frank Mauro '67

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Retired, public service

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1920 - 2020

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The weekly Knowledge Bowl show that I was privileged to produce and moderate for two and a half years would not have been possible without the technical infrastructure and the professional operation of Jeff Hedquist, Dick Ferguson and all the technical wizards and velvet-voiced DJs at WRUC.

The show, which was broadcast live from one of the WRUC studios on Sunday evenings, was modelled after the popular College Bowl TV program.

Four-man teams represented a different fraternity, dormitory or group of off-campus residents. Each week, the winner was given temporary custody of a large silver trophy bowl. A team that won three weeks in a row was retired and had its name engraved on the “Knowledge Bowl.”

I completed the MPA program at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School with a major in metropolitan studies. I have worked in and around New York State and New York City government until retiring in 2013. Highlights have included director of Assembly Speaker Stanley Fink’s Program Development Group, and secretary of the state Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

From 1997 to 2016, I hosted and co-hosted the “People’s Business” show on WRPI in Troy.

During most of my work life, I was able to teach part-time, including filling in for a term at Union for a course on urban politics. Until I retired at the end of this year, I taught courses on state government at the University at Albany.


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