Gary Abramson '69

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Chief attorney, Legal Aid Society of Orange County, N.Y.

Gary Abramson '69

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

I was a DJ and program director … and I preferred the tight AM radio format … to the FM "progressive" style. I had probably never spun a Hendrix or Pink Floyd disc, but I like to think I was the first of us DJs to play the Flying Burrito Brothers (1969).

Since Union, I was a Vista volunteer, went to law school and became chief attorney of the legal aid society of Orange County, N.Y. I write songs (daily) instead of announcing them, paint, run and get old.

I have realized I learned as much or more from my experiences at the station than I derived from my post-Union education at Columbia. Learning to talk in [radio provides] superior knowledge and wisdom in how to litigate.


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