KC Macarthur '72

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Retired, community services

KC Macarthur '72

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

I had the privilege of working with a bright, funny, dedicated group of radio colleagues. I had the good fortune to be mentored by Jim Stillman, a senior, who allowed me to sit in the booth behind him once a week while he did the Underground show from midnight to 2 a.m.

The most exciting part came around 1, when Jim would take a hurried rest room break and I got to cue up a couple of numbers and give the time and station. After a few months I was doing larger segments of the show and filling in some daytime slots. An Underground slot opened up, patience was rewarded and I continued doing this until graduation.

After college I went to Maine. I taught, picked apples, clerked at a bookstore and worked three years as a carpenter while living in the woods just shy of nowhere. In 1977 my house burned down, I got a masters in teaching reading, got married and worked 35 years for a mental health agency teaching and running special school programs for kids with behavior and developmental problems. I am retired, still in Maine and work only part time as grandchild chauffeur. While we are driving we always listen to the radio and every once in a while I get a very puzzled look when I mutter, “Nice segue.”


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