Mark Polansky '68

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Information technology executive

Mark Polansky '68

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

I grew up in Brooklyn with an older sister, so I learned to love rock-and-roll in the late 50s. When I heard the idea of having my own radio show to play my golden oldies … the rest became history.

I was awarded the highly sought-after and deeply coveted weekly two-hour show late Sunday night. I needed something other than Polansky and somehow I became “Pogo” on the radio.

We played all the old hits and did silly things to get people listening and engaged (“Bring a bucket of beers to share with Pogo in the studio” was particularly popular.). I also took on the arduous task of organizing a music library, so Dick Ferguson named me WRUC music director, a dream come true. When Mark Zauderer came on the oldies scene, we split Sunday nights while The Big Z went on to jock during the week as well.

I crafted a career in information technology, and served as the IT practice leader for the world’s largest executive search firm, Korn Ferry. I’m still doing it, still married after 52 years, with two daughters, two sons-in-law and four grandkids.


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