Peter X. Tierney '69

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Child psychologist

Peter X. Tierney '69

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

When I arrived at Union’s campus in 1965 ... I found that a number of friendly, welcoming people had been working very hard to upgrade the signal and to establish a polished, professional-quality radio station.

As a beginning DJ, I was assigned an air time slot that was guaranteed to have almost no one listening. Good thing, too. I introduced the handful of listeners to the relaxing properties of dead air, the sound of miscued, “wowed” records and inane, nervous chatter.

Peter X. Tierney '69

Most importantly, we had a lot of fun. We traveled to New York City to join with the Ivy League Radio Network in election night coverage. We traveled to Saratoga to expand our operations to the Skidmore campus, forming the “Schenectoga Circle.”

After Union, I spent a few years kicking around in various jobs including longshoreman and beer truck driver. I would work all the overtime that I could get, then take off to motorcycle around Europe or, on one occasion, ride my motorcycle from Boston to the Panama Canal.

Then I astonished everyone (including myself) by returning to school, obtaining a doctorate from Boston College and pursuing a career as a child psychologist. However, the passion for adventure travel has never abated and I have taken various leaves of absence to trek to Mt. Everest, go whitewater rafting in Papua New Guinea, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, etc. I managed to get home from Angkor Wat in Cambodia this March just before the COVID shutdown.


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