Sata Diakite '21

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General manager, WRUC

Sata Diakite '21

1920 - 2020

celebrates a century

“I didn’t do radio before Union but I was always interested in music,” said Sata Diakite '21, a political science major from New York City who was recently elected WRUC’s general manager.

She went on the air during winter term of her first year with a show called “Recharge,” an eclectic mix that ranged from hip hop to alternative. She often chose new music, explaining to listeners what prompted her picks.

As WRUC returns to the air and we emerge from the pandemic, she sees WRUC playing a greater role: “We are trying to expand to host gigs on campus, to bring in local acts from around the Albany and tri-state areas.”

For possible career plans, she said, “As a political science major I think it would be cool to do something on NPR. That’s an option I want to pursue.”


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