Reappointment review committees formed

Publication Date

Reappointment review committees have been formed for four assistant professors and one librarian.

Committees are reviewing the following assistant professors: Matthew Anderson, Shena McAuliffe, Ellen Robertson and Chad Rogers. Members of the Union community may submit written comments on their teaching, service and scholarship to the committee chairs preferably by Friday, April 23. Committees are:

Matthew Anderson (Computer Science)

Kristina Striegnitz, chair (, John Rieffel and Nicholas Webb

Shena McAuliffe (English)

Katherine Lynes, chair (, Jordan Smith and Bunkong Tuon

Ellen Robertson (Chemistry)

Laurie Tyler, chair (, James Adrian and Laura MacManus-Spencer

Chad Rogers (Psychology)

Joshua Hart, chair (, Cay Anderson-Hanley and Kenneth DeBono

A reappointment review committee has also been formed for Lindsay Bush, instructional services librarian at Schaffer Library. Members of the campus community are invited to offer written or oral testimony to committee members.

Lindsay Bush (Schaffer Library)

Robyn Reed, chair, Schaffer Library (, Sarah Schmidt; Raik Zaghloul and Kara Doyle