A sign of the times: ‘Thank you’ at home

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Angela Stefanatos, director of the Wicker Wellness Center, celebrates 10 years

Angela Stefanatos, director of the Wicker Wellness Center, celebrates 10 years

Among the many interactions prevented by the COVID pandemic over the past year: saying “thank you” in person.

With last year’s Employee Recognition Luncheon among the casualties, a mask-wearing team from Human Resources, Communications and Marketing and the President’s Office delivered lawn signs, cookies and a letter from the president to employees and retirees at home and on-campus. Employees previously received a gift of their choosing.

“As with almost every other event over the past year, we have been forced to do things a bit differently,” wrote President David Harris in his letter. “I look forward to the time when we can meet in person to recognize and celebrate our employees in a way that they so richly deserve. Until then, I know the entire Union community joins me in saying ‘thank you.’”

For 10-year employee Angela Stefanatos, director of the Wicker Wellness Center, getting the package was only part of the experience. "It was nice seeing someone in person, especially after this year of Zoom interactions," she said.

Serogeni Singh, the baker in Dining Services, prepared 330 shortbread cookies

Serogeni Singh, the baker in Dining Services, prepared 330 shortbread cookies

Baker Serogeni Singh of Dining Services prepared a total of 330 tantalizing shortbread cookies. Honorees received two in the shape of the Block U, one in the shape of the Nott Memorial.

The 2020 honorees include Joyce Chabot, printing manager, at 55 years the longest-tenured current employee. Joyce was profiled recently here.

Plans are to honor the 2021 milestone employees and retirees in the fall.

For a video tribute to the 2020 honorees, see below.

Milestone employees and retirees are:

10 years

Lara Atkins, Brittney Belz, Denise Cleveland, Thomas Constantine, Mark Dallas, James de Seve, David Gillikin, Jessica Hopper, Paul Mound, Angela Stefanatos, Rajendra Tulsi, Patricia Wareh

15 years

Robert Arket, Eric Bennett, George Bizer, Yvonne Calkins, Jackie Cavalier, Jennifer Clifford, Shane Cotter, Danielle DeMidio, Peter Fowler, Margaret Harper, Kathleen Heisinger, David Hodgson, Sally Koons, Tina Lincer, Thomas Lobe, Thomas Mancini, James McLaughlin, Fernando Orellana, Lieu Pohl

20 years

Kelly Andolina, Maria Barrett, Kathleen Basirico, Bart Bisgrove, Carol Cichy, John Cramsie, Paul DeBiase, Kara Doyle, Bernhard Kuhn, Melinda Lawson, Judith Lewin, Matthew Milless, Cheikh Ndiaye, James Strohecker, Junko Ueno

25 years

Mary Ellen Burt, Dennis Chotkowski, David Cotter, Marlaine Deschamps, James Evans, Kristin Fox, Glenn Gailliard, Marybeth Kabalian, Alan Kratzke, Joyce Madancy, Jonathan Marr, Diana Mirabile, Sue Murtlow, Kathleen Ragule, Thomas White, Kent Brust

30 years

Shirley Agosta, Kenneth Albright, James Clark Sr., Raymond Cook, Wendy Duff, John Garver, Joanne Little, Randy Mallett, Albert Moshier

35 years

Don Birch, Kurt Hollocher, Mohammad Mafi, Kevin McCarthy, Sylvia Schinnerer, John Sheehan, David Snyder

40 years

Susan Rinaldi

45 years

Diane McNamara, Alan Taylor, William Zwicker

55 years

Joyce Chabot


John Aiken, Stephen Ainlay, Janet Anderson, Robert Baker, Suzanne Benack, Donald Birch, Jacqueline Cavalier, Linda Clayton, Jane Earley, Gail Golderman, Mark Iler, Alan Kratzke Sr, Karen Lou, Maria Mancino, Sandra Mandel, Victoria Martinez, Ronald McDonald, Diane McNamara, Teresa Meade, Patrick Morris, William Neubeck, Melinda Newcomb, Eric Noll, Robert Olberg, Brooke Quandt, Thomas Regula, Laurie Romanski, Stephen Romanski, Kimmo Rosenthal, Steven Sargent, Brian Speck, Mark Toher, Linda Wescott, Patricia Williams, Suthathip Yaisawarng