2021 Summer research participants

Publication Date
First Name Last Name First Name of Research Advisor Last Name of Research Advisor Title of Project
Jacob Abbott Doug Klein History of dams in the Adirondacks
Emily Abruzzese Bradford Bruno Clean Cookstoves
Miles Ackerman Chad Orzel Building and Calibrating an Optical Tweezer Setup Incorporating an AOM
Aqeel Ahmed Chad Orzel Photon Downconversion
Isabela Albuja Chad Rogers Bilingualism and False Hearing
Bailey Alvarado-Lainez Elena McGrath Campesino Histories in Latin America
Quoc An Matthew Anderson Searching for Large Puzzles to Solve Matrix Multiplication Problems using Genetic Algorithms
Srihari Balaji Heather Watson Measuring the freezing/melting points of salt solutions to develop constraints of ice sheet thickness of Europa
Patrick Barry Mary Carroll Mixed-metal Catalytic Aerogels for Automotive Pollution Mitigation
Karolyn Bedore Jennifer Matsue The Intersection of Body, Gesture, and Sound with Horses
Harrison Berger Elena McGrath Cooperative Mining in Bolivia
Manav Bilakhia Colin Gleason Exploring the Hybrid Meson Spectrum
Ioannis Binopoulos Ashok Ramasubramanian Biomechanics of Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Amber Birt Laura MacManus-Spencer Measuring Concentrations of Acrylamide in Coffee Beans and other Roasted Foods
Amanda Blakeman Adam Mazel Summer IDEaS Digital Edition
Yan Bo Guillermina Seri identification of testimonies and videos
Ava Bowen Jennifer Mitchell Psychoanalyzing The Turn of the Screw
Jacob Bowser Mary Carroll Investigation of Luminescent Humidity-Sensing Silica Aerogels
Melanie Boyle Heather Watson Different Salt Water Compositions Freezing and High Pressures on Europa
Olivia Brand Conor O'Dea Less of a Man? Masculine Honor Beliefs and Perceptions of Sons Coming Out as Gay
Ingrid Burke Miryam Moutillet Aerial Silks Training
Alesandra Campedelli Colleen Connelly Development of Tools to Study the Tertiary Structure of Pre-miRHourly
Margeaux Capron Mary Carroll Window Prototype Incorporating Dyed Silica Aerogels
Nuo Chen Melinda Goldner The Intersection of CAM and Women's Health Movement
Alice Cheng Carol Weisse Conducting a Comprehensive Medical Records Review to Estimate the Costs of Discarded Medications at a Residential Home for the Dying
Yunyi Chu William Keat Assembly and Design of Many-Bar Tensegrity Structures
Avery Clavel Donald Rodbell South American Summer Monsoon Strengths Determined By Isotopic Values and Correlation to Insolation
Ariel Cooper Angela Commito Bibliographic Research for Notion Archaeological Survey
Timothy Coyle Kristin Fox The Activity of Type I Metacaspases in the Presence of Different Metal Ions.
Sebastian Czechowski Andy Morris Winter Sports and Environmental Regulation in the Adirondacks: the 1932 Olympic Bobsled Battle
Augustus D'Amore Patricia Wareh Courteous Exchanges: Spenser's and Shakespeare's Gentle Dialogues with Readers and Audiences
John Daly John Rieffel NSF- EAGER Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Sophie Danziger Lee Pedzisa Design and Synthesis of Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitors as Potential Cancer Therapeutics
Jana Davis Kathryn Feller Measuring the Visual Acuity in Air and Water of Belastomatid Insects
Samuel De Spuches Adam Mazel Summer IDEaS Digital Edition
Bailey DeCocco Chandra Pappu Medical Imaging Using Semiconductor Lasers and Optical Injection
Emma Devaney Colleen Connelly Modulation of Micro Hourly Maturation Through Small Molecule Binding of Alternative Structures
Daniel Dickson Holli Frey Secrets of Black Mountain; A Possible Source Location for Mafic Enclaves in San Diego Diorites, Granodiorites of the Peninsular Ranges Batholith
Alexander Diedrich Donald Rodbell Peruvian Speleothems and Climate Change
Mariam Dobosz Richard Wilk A Study of Reflector Enhanced Bifacial Photovoltaics
Sang Duong Yijing Stehle Using Graphene Ink to Develop Conductive Textiles
William Duprey Sudhir Khetan Analysis of Cytotoxicity of Photolytic Compounds
Kathryn Efner Anouk Verheyden Variation in Stable Isotopic Composition of Precipitation and Tap Water in the Clifton Park Area
Leonardo Ferrisi Timothy George Affordable Open-Source Neurofeedback for ADHD
Mackenzie Frank Carol Weisse Communication challenges when caring for hospice patients dying in a home setting
Avi Gajjar Mary Carroll Synthesis of UV and Heat Resistant Dyed Monolithic Silica Aerogels
Jennifer Garcia Ann Anderson Finite Element Modeling of Aerogel Molds
Abhishek George John Rieffel Behavioral Variances in Soft Robotics due to Temperature Parameters
Priyanka Ghosh Ashok Ramasubramanian Biomechanics of Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Quinlan Goddard Ali Hamed Volumetric Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of the Turbulent Boundary Layer over Two Tandem Roughness Elements
Rachel Godek Brian Cohen Determining the role of membrane sphingolipids in hFSHR signaling
Nathaniel Goku Seyffie Maleki Removal of the AROCOR spectrum in order to identify the preserved pigment.
Hyojin Han John Rieffel Exploring the Morphologies and Behaviors of Silicone Robots
Alyssa Harrynanan David Cotter An Analysis of the Adirondack Diversity Initiative
Grace Heiting Scott Kirkton Oxygen sensitivity during intermolt development in grasshoppers
Anna Hoffman Bradford Bruno Operating the Union College Aerogel Catalytic Test Bed (UCAT)
Zekai Hu Wang Jue Building Computational Models to Predict One-Year Survival Rate of Heart Failure Patients with COVID-19
Amarachi Ivoko Matthew Anderson Control of Robots through Virtual Reality
Mari Jimenez Ashok Ramasubramanian Analysis of Embryonic Torsion
Luke Kilby Yijing Stehle Graphene oxide based thin film capacitors
Cameron Klepper Carol Weisse Understanding the Burdensome Transitions at End of Life for Patients with Home Insecurity and Caregiver Instability
Dhea Kothari Catherine Walker In the Mirror: Functional Appreciated Bodies (IM FAB): Piloting an easily disseminable primary prevention program.
Ethan Lampert Bradford Bruno Aerogel Lab: UCAT
Colin Langton Scott LaBrake Development of an Analysis Procedure for Proton-Induced Gamma Emission of Environmental Samples
Wu Launh Ashok Ramasubramanian Finite Element Analysis of Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Rebecca LaVenture Chandra Pappu Chaos Based FM Waveforms and Their Potential in Medical Imaging
Grace Levins Holli Frey The Explosive eruption of La Soufriere, St. Vincent
Elise Liebow Heather Watson Understanding Radiation Through EPALS
Tatyana Lynn Brian Cohen Investigating the Role of CRAC in FSH Receptor Function and Structure
Harper Lyon Matthew Anderson Improved Practical Implementation of Matrix Multiplication Using SUSP
Zoe Lyon Ali Hamed Characterization of the turbulent flow within gaps in flexible canopies resembling aquatic vegetation
Finlay MacDonald Francis Wilkin Study of Exoplanet Transits in Distant Solar Systems
Tyler Mar Mason Stahl Characterizing Streamflow Ages and Watershed Dynamics
Delvin Marimo Lee Pedzisa Synthesis of Cyclobutenones and Their Application in Diversity-Oriented Synthesis
Ippolit Matjucha Joanne Kehlbeck Acrylamide in coffee
Jessica Matli Francis Wilkin Flow Structure of Asymmetric, Tidally Locked Stellar Wind
Molly McLeod Chad Rogers Do Musical and Semantic Context Interact in Spoken Word Perception?
Michela Michielli Brian Cohen Cortisol Receptor Sensitivity as a Predictor for Depression
Sasha Milsky Kathleen LoGiudice Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Identify Prior Host in Ixodes scapularis
Patrick Morrison Stephen Schmidt The Effects of Need-Based Aid and Merit Scholarships on Low-Income Students
Phoenix Mulgrew John Rieffel NSF- EAGER Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Muhammad Talha Mushtaq Matthew Anderson Using Genetic Code Algorithm to increase the efficiency of Matrix Multiplication by Researching a Large Strong Uniquely Solvable Puzzle (SUSP)
Lindsey Nassimos Brian Cohen Relationship Between Cortisol Levels and Depression
Kartik Nath Cay Anderson-Hanley Neuro-exergaming for MCI: Pedal and play to improve brain health
Thi Hanh Nguyen Nguyen Mark Dallas The Political and Economics Struggle between China and The United States in the Age of Technology
Julia Nicolescu Ashok Ramasubramanian Biomechanics of Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Walter O'Connor Ellen Robertson Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticle-Embedded Peptoid Nanosheets
Grace O'Hara David Gillikin Peruvian speleothems as tropical paleoclimate and monsoonal pattern indicators
Beatrice Ogden Laurie Tyler The Synthesis of Cu2+, Ni2+, and Co3+ Metal Complexes with Ethylenediamine Derived Ligands and an Investigation of their Biological Activity
Paxton Ouellette Adam Mazel Summer IDEaS Digital Edition
Camille Parker Lee Pedzisa Synthesis of Methylphenidate via Aldol Reaction
Justin Paschke Ali Hamed Wind tunnel experimental investigation of laminar boundary layer flow and transition to turbulence
Cynthia Paz Christine Henseler US LatinX Innovators & Changemakers
Colin Pennock Luke Dosiek Modeling the Union College Microgrid
Ian Plummer Donald Rodbell Furthering the Tropical Paleoclimate Record Through Analysis of Speleothems from the Central Peruvian Andes
Emma Puhalski David Gillikin Scallop shells as records of Antarctic sea ice cover
Camryn Ragland Kurt Hollocher Heavy Metal Contamination in Drinking Water: A Sampling of Fairfield County, CT to Broadly Understand Water Quality
Pratik Raj Colin Gleason Studying the Spectrum of Hybrid Mesons
Garyfallia Ralli Lee Pedzisa Synthesis and Testing of Dual CCR5/CXCR4 Inhibitors to Prevent Entry of HIV into Host Cells
Travis Rathwell Chad Rogers The Effects of Energy Consumption on Time Perception
Hanna Raymond Scott Kirkton The Effects of Dyspnea on Hospice Patients in Residential Homes for the Dying
Sabrina Rufrano Laura MacManus-Spencer Binding of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) to Serum Albumin.
Katherine Sadak Kristin Fox Classification and Examination of Type II Metacaspases
Genesis Santana Dan Venning Black American History through the lens of August Wilson's Century Cycle
Genesis Santana Jonathan Marr Mechanics of the Game: How knowledge of Physics can be used to Improve the Game of Basketball
Sebastian Santelices Ashok Ramasubramanian Biomechanics of Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Chloe Savitch Randy Wyatt End of Life Care in Hospice Patients: A Performance
Andrew Sheahan Scott Kirkton Comparing tracheal system development during intermolt development in Schistocerca americana.
Natalie Shearing Bradford Bruno Using Particle Image Velocimetry to Measure Blood Flow
Ansh Singhal John Rieffel Behavioral Variances in Soft Robotics due to Material Properties
Hannah Soliman Chad Rogers Visual-Audio Integration Impairment in Speech Perception from N-95 Masks
Katherine Sonntag Scott LaBrake Composition and Concentration of Per- and Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances in Firefighting Foam Using Proton-Induced Gamma-Ray Emission
Emily Stein Laurie Tyler Synthesis of Cu(II) Ligand Complexes for Biological Activity Analysis and Characterization
Hailey Stoltenberg David Gillikin El Niño Southern Oscillation variability in the South American Summer Monsoon from 320 to 311 ka
Yueyin Su Chris Fernandes Developing a Usability Device
Dharshini Suresh Colleen Connelly Investigation of Small Molecule Binding as a Tool to Regulate the Tertiary Structure of Pre-miRHourly
Christine Swanson Mason Stahl Determining Aquifer Hydraulic Properties from Water Level Fluctuations in Response to Barometric Pressure Changes
Morgan Truesdell Kristin Fox Scaling up the Purification of Metacaspase Protein
Landon Tucker Ali Hamed Turbulent boundary layer response to two 2D wall-mounted roughness elements
Bao Vo John Rieffel NSF- EAGER Behavioral Repertoires for Soft Robotics
Sydney Walters Holli Frey St. Vincent - La Soufriere Volcanic Eruption
Dereck Wang Ashok Ramasubramanian Investigation of the Mitosis in Embryonic Flexion and Torsion
Sarah Wettergreen Kathleen LoGiudice Stable Isotope Analysis as a Tool for Previous Tick Host Identification
Lawson Wheatley John Rieffel Utilizing Wave Function Collapse Algorithms in the Creation and Optimization of Soft Robots
Alina Whiteside Linda Stanhope Understanding Emerging Adults' Attitudes About Caring for Hospice Patients During Their Final Days in Community-Run Residential Care Homes
Daniel Wilcox Mark Dallas The fragmentation and internationalization of production and its geopolitical consequences
Helen Wong Conor O'Dea "You're responsible for the Chinese virus!": Asian-Americans' Perception of Racist Speech During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Lillian Woods Laurie Tyler The Synthesis of Cu2+, Ni2+, and Co3+ Metal Complexes with Ethylenediamine Derived Ligands and an Investigation of their Biological Activity
Joanna Wright Holli Frey The Explosive Eruption of La Soufriere, St. Vincent
Zhebin Yin Jue Wang Diagnosing and Categorizing Lung Cancer using Deep Learning
Misty Zaczyk Ellen Robertson Cross Linking B28 Peptoid with Gold Nanoparticles
Katarina Zahedi Brian Cohen Analysis of hFSHR CBM Mutants
Qiyue Zhang Dong Cheng The Evolution of Productivity Dynamics of the US Manufacturing during the Early Twentieth Century