Meet Hayley Balogh: Student Forum president

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hayley balogh

Hayley Balogh, Student Forum president

Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Major: Economics and Sociology, interdepartmental

Minor: Political Science

Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon president, Sociology Club, Admissions tour guide and Garnet Society

Why did you originally choose Union?

I chose Union because of the close-knit community. Coming from a small boarding school, I wanted to be able to have a strong relationship with faculty and staff, in addition to being able to get involved with a lot of different clubs and organizations. I knew that Union would allow me to try so many different opportunities that I would not have been able to try at a large university.

Why did you get involved in student government?

I got involved with student government because I wanted to put myself out there and try something I knew would make me inherently uncomfortable. Student Forum has a large voice on campus and I wanted to be able to use my voice to help the students on campus. I was lucky enough to be elected as a class representative my junior year and I really enjoyed my time as a class officer, and I love being able to use my voice as president.

What do you think makes Union special?

I think Union is special in many ways. Having a small community allows people to walk around campus and always see a friendly face. In addition, Union students are always looking for new ways to get involved on campus. Students who play a varsity sport are also involved with different clubs on campus. Students actively seek to get involved on campus and within the Schenectady community.

What advice would you give to first-year students?

My advice to first-year students is to lean into the uncomfortable feeling of being new. Trying something new can be scary and intimidating but until you try something new you will never find a new passion.

What's one thing that you think Union students can't miss out on?

Late-night breakfast during Finals week!