Perspectives on abortion is next topic for Constructive Engagement

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Rebecca Shrader

Rebecca Shrader

The Union College Forum on Constructive Engagement presents “More than Two Sides: A Conversation on Abortion with Rebecca Shrader” on Thursday, April 21, at 12:45 p.m. (common hour) in O’Brien 117.

Few political topics in the U.S. are as divisive and long-argued as abortion. From states' rights to Supreme Court cases, the discussion and debate of abortion has left little room for common ground.

Join us for a conversation with Rebecca Shrader, who will join us to share her, perhaps, third side of the story. She has shared her personal experiences and beliefs on NPR’s “This American Life.” To listen, visit

The Forum on Constructive Engagement is aimed at enhancing our appreciation of the value of understanding other perspectives. Support comes from Kelly Williams ’86 and her husband, Andrew Forsyth, through the Williams Legacy Foundation.