For the Record -- Week of Feb. 3, 2023

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Prof. Brandon Schabes ignites hydrogen balloons in STEP event

Prof. Brandon Schabes ignites hydrogen balloons in STEP event

Raquel Dueñas ’25 and Brandon Schabes, lecturer in chemistry, hosted 30 local high school and middle school students from the Science Technology Entry Program on Jan. 21. The morning's theme was to investigate the effects of temperature on chemical reactions. The students conducted several experiments, assisted by members from the Union College Chemistry and Biochemistry Club and club co-advisor Christopher Whitehead, assistant professor of chemistry. The morning ended with a BANG as Prof. Schabes ignited several hydrogen balloons in front of the Wold Center.

Mark P. Dallas, associate professor of political science, has co-authored two recent papers. “Massive Modularity: Understanding Industry Organization in the Digital Age” is published by The World Bank (2022). He also co-authored “A friend of a friend? Informal authority, social capital, and networks in telecom standard-setting organizations” published in 2023 by Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Saladdin Ahmed, visiting assistant professor of political science, is to give a talk on his latest book, Revolutionary Hope After Nihilism, at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, on Feb. 17. Details can be found in a story on the Concordia website.