New FCVA exhibition is 'Somethin' Else'

Publication Date

“Somethin’ Else,” a three-person exhibition curated by Fernando Orellana, professor of visual arts, is now open in the Crowell and West galleries, Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts.

Somethin' Else exhibit poster

Exhibiting artists are William Fillmore, David Henry Nobody Jr. and Steve Seeley.

Fillmore, a surrealistic sculptor born and raised in Southern California, works in many sculptural disciplines, including ceramics, cast metal and fabricated steel. His artworks feature the pain and beauty found in memories both forgotten and discarded. He has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Nobody Jr. (a.k.a David Henry Brown Jr.) is a self-described “negative influencer” whose 25 years of making art encompass a mix of mediums and materials as a means to explore the dark side of American pop culture. He is known for transforming himself into strange characters using masks and wearable sculptures made of food and consumerist detritus, a practice he terms “resemblagè” (a mashup of “resemble” and “collage”). His work has been called “part performance, part fine art, part photography, part prop styling and part straight up body painting.”

Chicago native Steve Seeley is a Pop!nk Editions printmaker/co-owner, and an artist whose work draws inspiration from a wide range of pop culture sources, including superheroes, celebrities, cartoons and comic books. His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and is held in private collections worldwide.

“Somethin’ Else” runs through March 30.