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International Programs

  • Summer mini-term and summer/fall term program letters will be in mailboxes after 4:00 pm on Friday, February 9.
  • Commitment to Participate – If accepted to a summer mini-term or a fall term program, you will need to go to your online application and complete the Commitment to Participate by Friday, February 16.
  • Withdrawal Policy can be found in the Academic Catalog.
  • Passports/Visas
    • Passports: Students going abroad must have a passport that is valid for the duration of the program abroad, and generally, valid for up to 6 months after  the program end date. Students are responsible for determining entry and exit requirements for the location of their study abroad program. If you do not yet have a passport, have a passport that has expired or will expire while you are abroad, we strongly urge you to apply for or renew your passport now.  For many of the fall programs, we will need to send the host university a copy of your passport before the end of the winter term.
    • Visas: Students accepted to study in Argentina, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France (Rennes), Greece, Japan, or Vietnam will need to obtain a student visa here in the US before the departure date for the program abroad. If you are accepted and will be going to one of these countries, we will be providing information about the compliance process to secure a visa so that you can legally enter and remain in the host country during your studies.


  • Winter and/or Spring 2019 –  Independent Study Abroad – Students should submit a draft proposal for Independent Study Abroad through an Outside Provider by the second Monday of Winter term – January 15th. Final completed application due February 2nd, 5pm. Decision letters will be provided by end of winter term.
  • Winter and/or Spring 2019 – Non Union Applications due April 20th, 5pm. Decision letters will be provided by end of spring  term.
  • William Cady Stone Fellowship applications due February 2nd, 5pm. Decision letters will be provided by end of winter term.

Our International Programs Office is a hub for learning about Union's diverse study abroad opportunities. Throughout the year, we offer information sessions on how to plan and prepare for overseas studies. Your major advisor and other professors can also offer advice about studying abroad, and students share their abroad experiences at regular meetings and lunch-time talks. We also provide information and resources for international exchange students whom we welcome into our community.

  • Programs at a Glance
  • Sophomores, would you like to spend a full year abroad during your junior year? If so, apply for the Wiliam Cady Stone Fellowship by Friday, February 2, 2018.
  • Applications for the IBM Summer Internship program, offering research experiences at IBM facilities in Switzerland, China, or India will be due Wednesday, January 10, 2018. As in past years, Undergraduate Research will consider applications internally first, and selected Union students will be allowed to apply for the program from IBM. Descriptions of past programs can be found on the Undergraduate Research web page for the program

Bali Mini Term Abroad