Administrative Excellence Project

In September 2020, we launched Power of Union: Administrative Excellence Project to support our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan objectives. In April 2021, we shared an update, which outlined several important changes that we will be implementing in the coming months.

These initiatives will help us be more responsive, nimble, and collaborative, and will help modernize our core operational processes to better support our students, faculty, and staff. The initiatives cover a number of important enablers of our success, including policy improvements, organizational changes, and community building.

Union College Values

When Union is thriving, and our community is at its best, we exhibit the following four values:

  • Mission-Driven - We act with wisdom and intentionality to ensure that every member of our community achieves their full potential, and that as a College, we achieve our mission.
  • Accountability - We are individually and jointly accountable for the success of Union. We are empowered to achieve that success.
  • Innovation - We act with courage. We are open to change and not afraid to fail. We respond creatively to the challenges and opportunities facing the College today, and those we anticipate facing in the future.
  • Respect - We act with empathy and demonstrate a commitment to inclusion. We assume positive intentions. We treat one another with respect, regardless of our seniority, role or place in the College.

Staff, faculty and students can learn more by logging into Nexus.

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed on this site, please reach out to your respective senior staff member or email