Strategic Plan

Planning for Multiple Tomorrows "PMT21"

The Renewal of Union College in a Post-Pandemic World

We learned from strategic planning, and from the past year, that Union must be a 226 year-old start-up. We must be true to our timeless mission, yet unafraid to innovate, risk failing, and then learn from our experiences. We must continually rediscover what it means to be a college that develops every student to lead across multiple tomorrows. As we prepare for Union after the pandemic, we must consider how Union can use what we have all learned through this unwelcome Union College Challenge to become more flexible, equitable, and agile.

President David Harris, April 22, 2021

The Planning for Multiple Tomorrow PMT21 working group, comprising students, faculty, and staff, is charged with taking a close look at how new approaches and uses of technology by the campus community over the past year could inform changes in policies and procedures to make Union more flexible as we look ahead to resuming our fully-residential model in the fall.

PM21 is looking at evolving trends in higher education and the workforce in a post-pandemic world, surveying campus, holding open houses to share information from the surveys and listen to feedback, and making recommendations to established advisory and decision-making groups so that Union might grow and more fully realize its vision.

The work of PMT21 is guided by this charge, the strategic plan, and Union's Core Values:

  • Mission-Driven - We act with wisdom and intentionality to ensure that every member of our community achieves their full potential, and that as a College, we achieve our mission.
  • Accountability - We are individually and jointly accountable for the success of Union. We are empowered to achieve that success.
  • Innovation - We act with courage. We are open to change and not afraid to fail. We respond creatively to the challenges and opportunities facing the College today, and those we anticipate facing in the future.
  • Respect - We act with empathy and demonstrate a commitment to inclusion. We assume positive intentions. We treat one another with respect, regardless of our seniority, role or place in the College.