Psychology Department

Mission statement

The fundamental educational goal of the Psychology Department is to help students develop the intellectual skills which are at the center of all liberal education: a) the capacity to think deeply, critically, logically, complexly, and ethically, b) the ability to evaluate claims to truth and to make educated, defensible judgments under conditions of uncertainty and complexity, c) the capacity to use information resources and to learn new information independently, and d) the ability to express one’s thoughts in writing and speech.


After Union

Students often combine psychology with other majors or minors such as biology, economics, mathematics, sociology, or political science. As a result, our majors go into a wide variety of fields. Many, either immediately after graduation or within a few years, enter some type of graduate program. Some of these students enroll in professional schools for medicine, dentistry, law, education, or nursing; other students enroll in business-related graduate programs for master´s degrees in business or health care administration. Many of our majors seek advanced degrees in clinical or counseling psychology or related fields such as social work and speech pathology. Several majors each year enter graduate programs leading to the doctorate in various areas of academic psychology.