Thesis Submission Process

Submission Procedures for the Library

To prepare their thesis or project for final submission, students need to follow the guidelines issued by the Dean’s Office and available on the Schaffer Library website under Thesis Information. For example, all theses or project submissions are required to include a properly formatted title page and abstract, even if those two items constitute the only textual portions of the honors project.

Students who have obtained final approval for their honors thesis will then discuss with their advisor(s) the current year’s permission form.

Both the student and one thesis advisor must complete and sign a printed copy of the permission form, no matter what Internet access or option they select.

  • The student will then submit the printed, signed copy of the permission form to the department administrative assistant. The submission should be made no later than the end of the exam period for the term in which the thesis is completed.

  • Once accepted, the student will self-submit their thesis on the College’s Institutional Repository, Union | Digital Works. Details on electronic format and submitting to the repository are described on the Schaffer Library website under Thesis Information.
  • For assistance with filling out the form

Thesis work will not be considered complete until the permission form is submitted to the department secretary/administrative assistant.


The library copy of any thesis or project work which cannot be submitted in digital form (such as original works of art) should be discussed by the student with library staff at the time the work is submitted for final approval. (See contact information below.) The library staff will discuss options and, when possible, assist in making arrangements for representing this material in the College archive and on its website.

After the permission form has been submitted by the student to the department, the administrative assistant forwards them to the library by commencement in June. No files or documents will be returned to the department or to the student. All materials are added to the College archive in an appropriate, long-term storage format, and if permission has been granted by the author and advisor, the thesis will also be added to the College’s Institutional Repository.

Contact Information / Questions

  1. For copies of honors thesis forms or instructions, go to the Schaffer Library website – Thesis Information.

  2. For all other questions, contact: Digital Projects and Systems team at or