Information Literacy Instruction Sessions


The commitment we at Schaffer Library make is to give our students every opportunity to do the best work that they can do while they’re at Union.

Our instruction sessions explore critical thinking skills, research strategies, subject-specific resources, and a range of library services. The immediate purpose is to help students master the tools needed to complete class assignments and research projects successfully, although the longer-range aim of our program is to build the information literacy skills that will enable students to operate in an increasingly complex environment where things like the authority of an information resource, the process by which it was created, the scholarly conversation of which it is part, and the ethical use of the information are all key to their success as lifelong learners.

Faculty Basics

We typically conduct sessions during class time in the Library Learning Lab or in one of the electronic classrooms across campus. Generally, we expect the faculty member to be present to encourage interaction regarding the research assignment, and we will work with you prior to the class to make sure the needs of your students will be met during the instruction session we plan. Beside the more conventional instruction sessions, we also conduct course-related labs and hands-on workshops.

We can develop instructional materials to provide continuing support beyond the formal instruction session, and while the formal classroom session may be the first encounter we have with your students, we often build on this connection when students subsequently approach the reference desk to ask for assistance and more individualized informal instruction. We also make ourselves available to students via our service and by appointment.


To inquire about library instruction options or to schedule an instruction session contact:

  • Lindsay Bush, Instructional Services Librarian: (518) 388-6612.

To get in touch with any of the librarians with whom you may have worked with previously: