Library Instruction Menu

Schaffer Library offers the following menu options for library instruction topics. This menu was created to introduce you to the different topics we teach and approximately how long each session will take. You can work with us to create a customized plan that meets the requirements of your specific course. Use the Request Library Instruction Form to schedule instruction. Requests for library instruction should be placed three weeks prior to the requested date of instruction. Contact Jenna Pitera ( if you have questions.

Topic Approximate Time Required Concepts Covered
Navigating the Library 30-60 Minutes
  • Students are able to identify services in the library and learn how to locate specific materials
Topic Creation 30 Minutes
  • Generating topic ideas
  • Narrowing or broadening a topic to fit the scope of the research project
  • Understanding research is made up of many research questions and evolves over time
Searching in Primo 30 Minutes
  • Developing a search strategy using search terms and filters
  • Learn to access the full text of resources
Searching in Discipline-Specific Databases 30 Minutes
  • Learn how to identify databases appropriate for specific disciplines
  • Developing a search strategy using search terms and filters
Searching Beyond Union 30 Minutes
  • Searching beyond Schaffer Library in Primo
  • Using the WorldCat scope
  • Searching in Google Scholar
    • Developing a search strategy using different terms and filters
    • Learn how to find the full text of resources or how to inter-library loan them
Searching for Primary Sources 40 Minutes
  • Students learn/review what primary sources are and their unique challenges and benefits for using them
  • Students identify places to search for primary sources related to their topic as well as search strategies
Advanced Primary Sources 30-60 Minutes
  • Students learn how to interpret and analyze primary sources based on the discipline they are studying
Credibility and Evaluation 30 Minutes
  • Identify multiple characteristics used for evaluation
  • Learn that one characteristic doesn't make a definitive evaluation
RefWorks 60 Minutes
  • Students learn to use the RefWorks software to create citations in multiple formats
Recommended Guide: RefWorks Overview
Creating Citations 60 Minutes
  • Students learn a specific format for citations and are able to manually create their own in-text and bibliographic citations