Union College Social Media

Union students take a group selfie.

The Union community is active in a variety of social media sites, and to make it easier to find those most relevant to your specific communities of interest, the Office of Communications and Marketing has created this easy-to-reference directory.

The College's official social media sites:

These sites are administered through the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | LinkedIn

Instagram | Vimeo | Pinterest | Snapchat

Carefully review these guidelines before creating a social media presence to represent the College.

Other social media sites:

President's Office

President Harris: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Kelly Adirondack Center: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


AOP / HEOP: Facebook

Art History: Instagram

Arts: Instagram

Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering: Instagram

German Studies: Facebook

History: Facebook

International Programs: Twitter | Instagram

ITS: Twitter

Mandeville Gallery: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Philosophy: Facebook

Psychology: Facebook

Registrar: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Schaffer Library: Facebook | Twitter

Strom Thacker (VP): Twitter

Theater and Dance: Facebook


Admissions: Union Unfiltered Blog


Athletics: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Basketball (Men's): Twitter

Basketball (Women's): Facebook | Twitter

Crew: Twitter

Cross Country / Track & Field: Twitter

Field Hockey: Facebook | Twitter

Football: Twitter

Golf (Women's): Facebook

Ice Hockey (Men's): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ice Hockey (Women's): Facebook | Twitter

Lacrosse (Men's): Twitter

Lacrosse (Women's): Facebook | Twitter

Soccer (Men's): Twitter

Softball: Twitter

Tennis: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

College Relations

Alumni & Parent Engagement: Facebook | Twitter

Student Affairs

Accommodative Services: Facebook

Becker Career Center: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Dean of First - Year Students: Twitter

Dining Services / Hospitality: Facebook | Instagram

Fraternity & Sorority Life: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Intercultural Affairs: Facebook

International Advising: Facebook

Jenna The Therapy Pup: Facebook

Kenney Center: Facebook

Life Safety: Twitter

Student Activities: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Wicker Wellness Center: Facebook

Student Groups

Octopus's Garden: Facebook

Spoon University: Instagram | Blog

Chabad: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Women's Union: Facebook

Clubs and Organizations

Atrium Gallery: Facebook

UNITAS: Facebook


Bookstore: Facebook | Twitter

Professor Brian Cohen (Biology): Twitter

Professor Chad Orzel (Physics): Twitter

Professor Jeff Corbin (Biology): Twitter

#NottShot: Twitter