Student Success

Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Although exciting, college can be a challenging point in your academic career. Academic Coaching offers students at Union College the chance to learn new skills and strategies to enhance their academic success. One-on-one consultations help students develop and implement more successful approaches to work, as well as share resources to assist students in reaching their goals. Meetings are focused on the student's individual needs, but often include topics such as:

  • Time management
  • Organizational strategies
  • Study skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Note-taking
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Avoiding procrastination

How can Academic Coaching help me?

During our session, we will focus on your individual goals and develop strategies that can enhance your academic experience. Academic Coaching is a great way to gain more confidence as a student. You can attend once, twice, or as many times as you would like!

To request a coaching session, please click this link:

Please note, Academic Coaches do not tutor. Tutoring is provided by the individual departments. For tutoring options, please visit this webpage: