Title IX

Responding to a Sexual Misconduct Allegation

As a respondent to a complaint or allegation of sexual misconduct, you are entitled to a presumption of innocence. However, DO NOT contact the complainant.

You may wish to seek confidential support:

Students: Contact the Counseling Center at (518) 388-6161 or Health Services at (518) 388-6120 to schedule an appointment. Both are located in the Wicker Wellness Center.

Faculty and staff: Contact the Union College Employee Assistance Plan (e4healthEAP) at 1 (800) 828-6025.


  • Can I be charged with something on campus and off campus?

    Yes. The complainant has the right to pursue both on campus and off campus resolution of a complaint as well as civil and/or criminal resolution.

    The College’s processes will move forward regardless of any criminal or civil legal action taken regarding the same incident.

  • What does the sexual misconduct adjudication process look like?

    Union College has three distinct grievance procedures that depend upon the responding party’s relationship with the College:

    If you are a student of the College, Appendix A of the Sexual Misconduct Policy would apply.

    If you are a faculty member, Appendix B would apply.

    If you a staff member, Appendix C would apply.

    Depending on the nature of the complaint, an investigation or panel adjudication may not be necessary.

    For more information, please visit the Sexual Misconduct Policy page.

  • Can I have someone support me through this process?

    Yes. Both the reporting party and the responding party can have an adviser of their choice.

    The Title IX coordinator can explain the process for addressing complaints of sexual misconduct and choosing an adviser. An adviser is any individual selected by the reporting or responding party, including legal counsel.

    • One adviser is permitted. That person must sign the Limited Disclosure/Non-Retaliation Acknowledgement.
    • You may choose to have the adviser attend meetings with the investigators, the Title IX coordinator or other administrators, as well as appear before an adjudication panel.


Under the sexual misconduct adjudication process, the following forms may be needed. If you have questions, please contact the Title IX coordinator.

Limited Disclosure/Non-Retaliation Acknowledgement
This form is used to protect the rights of the reporting party and the respondent. It includes a checklist of points to make sure you understand the conditions for moving forward.

Notice of Appeal
Both the reporting and responding parties are entitled to one appeal of an adjudication panel’s decision. An appeal must be filed within seven days after meetings with the administrative team handling the case.

Complaint Form
You must complete this form to file a disciplinary complaint against a member of the Union College community.

Complainant Statement
You must submit a written statement detailing the allegations of sexual misconduct to file a disciplinary complaint against a member of the Union College community.

Respondent Statement
In response to the allegation set forth in the complaint form, you must submit a written statement that contains a full recollection of the alleged incident.