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A report of conduct prohibited by Title IX or gender-based misconduct is not the same as a complaint. A report, independently, does not automatically trigger a grievance procedure or investigation. Reports allow the Title IX team to offer support measure or make referrals to students in-need to on and off-campus resources. Reports help the College to collect and publish accurate statistical data, track patterns, and impact the College's educational programs related to gender-based misconduct. While all reports are encouraged, please note that reports that are anonymous lay limit the College's ability to follow-up. You can make a report by clicking the button above. If you make your contact information available, a member of the Title IX team will reach out to you to follow-up.

Report to a Title IX Team Member

The following individuals are members of the College's Title IX team. While these individuals are not considered Confidential Resources, they are private resources that will protect your privacy while managing your report. We have Deputy Title IX Coordinators in different areas of campus life to allow individuals to choose the space, department, and individual they are most comfortable with.

Title IX Coordinator: The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the College’s overall response to sexual harassment and gender-based misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator can receive reports of misconduct, provide support measures, and inform you of your options for moving forward.

Lin-Chi Wang, J.D., Interim Title IX Coordinator & Director of Equal Opportunity

Deputy Title IX Coordinator: The Deputy Title IX Coordinators can take reports, provide support measures, and inform you of your options for moving forward. Deputy Title IX Coordinators receive special training on the College’s policies and procedures and are available to help answer any questions you have.

Dru Alvez, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Affairs
Chief Diversity Officer for Student & Institutional Success


Emily Belewich, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Athletics Compliance Coordinator