Union Staff Council

Union Staff Council


The role of the USC will be to research, identify, collaboratively discuss and recommend solutions to assist the advancement of the College and support Union’s Strategic Plan. The USC will establish and maintain open communication among its members while advocating for the campus community.

Please reach out to us at usc@union.edu with any questions or feedback you have.


Allie Caruso
Karen Dagostino
Danny Duque
David Glasser, Secretary
Peter Gabak
Marcus Hotaling
Amy Kelley
Tom Lawson
Patti Quinn
Sonia Sandoval, Co-chair
Len Schlegel, Co-chair
Jim Strohecker, Moderator
Mercedes Susi
Jill Turner


The following individuals are eligible to participate as members of the USC:

  • Any regular, full-time (30+ hours) salaried or hourly employee whose primary role or appointment is other than as a member of the faculty.
  • Members will consist of staff from each Responsibility Center (“RC”). The number of members from each RC will be representative of the headcounts in those areas as a percentage of total staff headcount across the College.
  • Members must be in good standing (no performance improvement plans, written or verbal warnings, etc. within the last year).