Union Where You Are: Plans for 2020-21

Housing FAQs

We will continue to update this list of FAQs. If you have a specific question that is not answered here you can contact an office directly or email us planning20-21@union.edu.

  • Will all students be on campus?

    The choices for the fall include options for both on-campus and remote living situations. Some students will choose a residential and academic experience and others may choose to live away from campus in order to participate in one of our new experiential education programs.

  • What will orientation and move-in look like?

    Orientation will take place at the start of the academic year. First-year students can learn more about orientation here.

    For move-in, the Office of Residential Life will be changing the way check-in will be run to maximize social distancing and keep community members safe. Students will be assigned check-in dates and times by residential building/area, and will be permitted to bring only two family members to assist with move-in. Specifics on dates and times have been communicated throughout the summer via email and e-newsletters.

    Move-in is a busy time. It is important that vehicles are moved after unloading and that an area is cleared after drop off and pick up to allow others to move in and maintain distancing.

  • Will all students be in singles? Will Union increase allowed off-campus housing? Rentals?

    The majority of students living on campus will be assigned to singles but there will be options for students who wish to live in doubles or apartments with chosen friends/roommates.

    We will be releasing students who have already gone through the release process and are currently waitlisted. We will also be setting up a second process for any additional students who are interested in going off-campus and who did not originally apply. Release from this second process is not guaranteed but we would like to have a list of those interested should we be able to accommodate more students to go off-campus.

  • What social distancing measures are being taken for bathrooms, dining/other common areas?

    Facilities will be disabling some of the faucets, showers and toilets to allow for social distancing in common bathrooms. Furniture will be removed from common spaces to allow for proper distance between people. Dining will have designated social distancing markers throughout all of the operations. Also, there will be a limited number of seats available in each dining area based on the NYS Food Service Guidelines for social distancing. The pick-up location at College Park Hall front desk -- for many students needs such as ID’s, keys, bike locks and property registration -- will be marked off to maintain distancing.

  • Will there be off-campus housing for non-seniors?

    At this time, only seniors will be granted permission to live off-campus through an application process conducted by Residential Life.

  • When will I get to pick my on campus housing?

    Housing registration took place July 17, 2020, for students who plan to live on campus for the fall term. Specific information was communicated to all students who registered to live on campus after July 17, 2020.

  • What options will be available to each class year?

    First-year: Fox, West, Richmond, Davidson, Webster, Minerva (TBD)

    Sophomores: CPH, Minervas, theme houses, possibly Seward/Roger Hull apartments

    Juniors: Greek houses, CPH, Minervas, theme houses, Seward/Roger Hull apartments

    Seniors: Off-campus, Greek houses, CPH, Minervas, theme houses, Seward/Roger Hull apartments, Garnet Commons

  • I was supposed to go on a term abroad, but it’s been canceled. Can I select housing?

    Yes, if you are planning on returning to campus you will be allowed to participate in housing selection. Monitor your email for more information.

  • Will students be living in hotels?

    At this time, we do not anticipate housing students on a permanent basis in local hotels.

  • I am a senior. Will I automatically be released to live off campus?

    Off-campus release is currently only guaranteed to those who applied in the original release process and have received confirmation of their release. We sent out an email in July with a form to gather an additional list of students who are interested in living off campus, should additional spots open up.

  • If I'm choosing to return for the fall term, am I guaranteed a spot in on-campus housing?

    We anticipate being able to accommodate all students who plan to return to campus for the fall term. More information about housing options was sent out this summer.

  • I have a need for a special housing accommodation due to a medical need. What should I do?

    If you have previously been approved for a medical housing accommodation, you will be pre-assigned to housing ahead of any selection process based on your specific needs. If you have not yet applied for an accommodation, you can find the necessary form and information here at Accommodative Services.

  • Will commuter students have access to campus during the term?

    Commuter students who have selected the in person commuter option will be taking all of their courses from the traditional fall curriculum, which may be in-person, hybrid, or online and will have access to campus facilities and must follow all health and safety protocols.

    Commuter students who have selected the remote commuter option will not have access to campus facilities on a regular basis. These students can request access on a case-by-case basis through the Dean of Students Office.

  • What are my options for quarantining if I am a student coming from one of the states on the N.Y. state restricted list? [Updated July 30]

    Students affected by the quarantine requirements, including those traveling from other countries, will have the following options for quarantine. Students needed to inform us of their quarantine plan by Aug. 6 using this Union College form.

    Student/Family-Coordinated Quarantine
    Students and families can make their own arrangements to quarantine in New York, or in a state that is not on the restricted list. These arrangements could include staying with friends and family, staying at a hotel or booking a short-term rental. Students choosing this option would need to complete a form at move-in, attesting to their location for the 14 days prior to their arrival on campus. Please note: The restricted state list changes on a regular basis. If the state you are quarantining in shows up on the restricted list before your arrival to N.Y., you will need to begin a new 14-day required quarantine in a state not on the list.

    College-Coordinated Quarantine
    Students who are planning to quarantine without family members may choose to do so through the College. We are coordinating spaces to accommodate students and will work directly with individuals who prefer this option. We will work with you to determine arrival dates and testing procedures.