Taylor Music Center

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Where melodies meet mastery

The all-Steinway Taylor Music center is located in the campus’s North Colonnade. The building’s centerpiece is the Fred L. Emerson Auditorium, an intimate performance and teaching space with enhanced acoustics and state-of- the-art recording technology.

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    Other music center spaces include a music technology studio, a tech booth used to make high fidelity recordings, a private studio for advanced student work and an extensive score library. The Early Music Studio is devoted to the study and performance of music from the Middle Ages through the early Viennese Era. Students play on modern instruments and reproductions (harpsichord, anyone?) The World Musics Studio is home to hundreds of global instruments, including a large collection of Japanese percussion, strings and flutes, and the College’s gamelan gong kebyar (a Balinese orchestra of gongs and xylophones).

    Factoid: Zakuro-Daiko, the Union College Japanese Drumming Ensemble and Global Fusion Band, regularly enjoys rehearsals in the World Musics Studio, considered by many faculty and students to be "a magical space."

A student singing on stage in the Emerson Auditorium
A music ensemble performs in Taylor Music Center

The Union College Japanese Drumming Ensemble practicing in one of the music classrooms.

Students look at monitors while participating in a digital music class held in one of the Taylor Music Center classrooms.
As pat of a music classroom exercise, a student writes music composition notes on a whiteboard.