Department of Music


Taylor Music Center

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Music facilities at Union, an All-Steinway School,
are based in the Taylor Music Center.

Fred L. Emerson Foundation Auditorium

Emerson Auditorium

Emerson Auditorium is an intimate performance space, designed for enhanced acoustics and seating for 100. It is home to student workshops, classes, and performances; and hosts concerts and guest lectures by renowned scholars and artists.

Early Music Studio

Early Music Studio Harpsichord

The Early Music Studio is devoted to the study and performance of music from the Middle Ages through the early Viennese Era. Participants play on both modern instruments and reproductions, including the harpsichord. Emphasis is placed upon historical performance practices.

Music Technology Studio - Tech Booth - Advanced Studio

music tech studio

The Music Technology Studio is a computer lab for hands-on work in music technology and music theory courses that helps to facilitate creative musical expression and develop digital musicianship. Thanks to a generous gift from Kurt and Kathy Hillig, the space is outfitted with state of the art software and hardware, including fifteen iMacs, Focusrite audio interfaces, microphones, and a variety of MIDI controllers.

The Music Department's Tech Booth is a high-quality audio production space overlooking the Fred L. Emerson Foundation Auditorium. With a multi-channel digital system connecting the two spaces, faculty and students can make high fidelity recordings of both studio sessions and live performances.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Taylor Music Center, the Advanced Studio is a private space for advanced student work featuring an iMac computer station outfitted with the same software and hardware technology as the computers in the Music Technology Studio. The Advanced Studio includes Genelec and Neumann speakers that enable an ideal environment for concentrated audio monitoring and music production.

Score Library
The Union College Department of Music is home to an extensive collection of choral, orchestral and chamber music scores intended for both classroom study and use by our many ensembles. The library is constantly growing under the guidance of our Director of Performance.

World Musics Studio

World Music Studio

The World Musics Studio is home to hundreds of global instruments, including a large collection of Japanese percussion, strings and flutes, as well as Union College's gamelan gong kebyar (a Balinese orchestra of gongs and xylophones). Zakuro-Daiko, the Union College Japanese Drumming Ensemble and Global Fusion Band regularly enjoys rehearsal in this magical space.

Memorial Chapel

Memorial Chapel

Historic Memorial Chapel is used for choral and orchestral performances. Known for its superb sound – the acoustical ceiling was designed by one of America's preeminent scientists – the chapel is home to the Chamber Concert Series, free to students. It also is an ideal performance space for student a cappella groups and guest artists.